bad operation 9/18/2007 10:15
It is messed up, I can't attach the paintings in my diary due to the size of the the picture, but they somehow showed up in group album. I am never good at using computer. I will oragnize and share more later.

I am embarrassed to paste my pictures so many times, please help to remove them from group album, thanks!
morale 9/17/2007 14:53
a bad photography, only captured part of the painting

peony 9/17/2007 14:40
Chinese ink painting - peony from last Christmas.

Song from hometown

I miss painting very much.

一首歌 6/05/2006 13:38
你以为知道什么 我以为明白什么
你以为相信什么 我以为担心什么

何不来抱着我 何苦要不停的说
岁月如河水流过 年轻无知的你我

不知道的事太多 想知道的太多太多
问他问你问我 怎样才算真正快乐
会得到的太多 会失去的太多

明天谁人可知 梦可会被淹没
也许最好不说 也许不必太难过

今天做些什么 今天该怎样去生活
今天的疯狂过后 可会变冷漠
随便去什么地方 你可在身旁
a funny article 12/29/2005 13:50
Are these true?
丽江 12/15/2005 20:03
没觉得丽江有人们描述得那样的惊鸿一现, 却真真切切地在心底难以忘怀, 那纯净的天, 那永不停息的河水, 那红红的灯笼和女孩子的笑 ..... 也许如人所说, 带着一颗温柔的心, 和所爱的人来分享,哪里都是让人留恋的.

丽江, 我也许只会来这一次.
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