Freshwater Fishing Weekend 5/15/2012 10:30
Freshwater Fishing Weekend

June 2 & 4, 2012 — No license needed!

NEW for 2012:

•Lead fishing sinkers and jigs less than 1 ounce are prohibited in all inland waters of the Commonwealth effective January 1, 2012.
•Break-action muzzleloaders now legal for deer hunting during primitive firearms deer season.
•Special turkey permit issued for 12-14 year olds participating in the Youth Turkey Hunt now valid for entire season.
•Resident Minor Freshwater Fishing License (ages 15-17) is Free!
Freshwater Fishing Weekend

June 2 & 4, 2012 — No license needed!


About the Guide

The full 2012 Massachusetts Fish & Wildlife Guide to Hunting, Freshwater Fishing & Trapping contains a summary of the laws and regulations in place as of September 1, 2011. Any changes in law or regulation enacted after September 1 are publicized through releases to the news media, town clerk’s offices, all license sales outlets, and on our website. These are not the complete laws and regulations. Laws and regulations (MGL Ch. 131 and 321 CMR) are subject to change.

Hunting, fishing, sporting, and trapping licenses must be carried on your person and shown on demand to any officer empowered to enforce these laws, and to landowners or lessees while on their property. A hunting, fishing or trapping license is not permission to trespass or intrude on private land, posted or not. Remember, your privilege to enter on private land is a courtesy extended to you by the owner. Practice courtesy and leave a good impression if you want to continue hunting, fishing or trapping.

License sales outlets may sell a hunting or sporting license only after seeing proof of a previous hunting license from any state or province, or year, or a certificate of completion of a Basic Hunter Education course from any state or province. Hunter Education program from any state or province.

STRIPED BASS and HERRING: For season, size, and possession limits call the Division of Marine Fisheries at (617) 626-1520, or visit their website at

POSSESSION OF: Sturgeon (all species), American Brook Lamprey, Atlantic (sea-run) Salmon7, Bridle Shiner, Burbot, Eastern Silvery Minnow, Lake Chub, Longnose Sucker, and Northern Redbelly Dace is illegal! If caught release immediately. This means remove hook or cut line and return fish to water immediately — do not pose for photographs, place on a stringer, hold in a net, or delay in any way the immediate return and release of the fish to the water!

1.Minimum length is measured as the straight line (not curved over the body) from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail. The tips of any forked tail may be squeezed together for the final measurement.

2.Trout applies to Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Tiger Trout (a cross between a female brown and a male brook trout). From Apr. 1 to Sept. 10, no more than 8 trout (as defined) may be taken daily, and only 3 of those trout may be from lakes, ponds, or major rivers3. From Sept. 11 to Mar. 31, no more than 3 trout (as defined) may be taken daily.

3.Major Rivers: Childs, Coonamessett, Deerfield, Farmington, Green (Colrain), Green (Great Barrington), Ipswich, Jones, Mashpee, Millers, Nissitissit, North (Colrain), North (West Branch), Parker, Quaboag, Quinapoxet, Quinebaug, Seven Mile, Santuit, Scorton Creek, Shawsheen, Squannacook, Stillwater (Sterling, Princeton), Swift (East Branch), Swift (Winsor Dam to Ware River, except as posted), Tully (East and West Branches), Ware, Ware (East Branch), Westfield (all branches).

4.Mainstem Housatonic only, from the confluence of the East and West Branches to the MA–CT line, exclusive of the catch-and-release areas where no trout may be kept.

5.Special Brown Trout water: South Pond (Quacumquasit), Brookfield. Total daily creel is 3 trout but only 1 may be a brown trout and it must be at least 15”.

6.Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs: Opening and closing dates are set by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. For Quabbin Reservoir visit or call (413) 323-7221. For Wachusett / Sudbury Reservoirs visit or call (508) 835-4816 or (978) 365-3800. Quabbin Reservoir and its tributary streams within the Quabbin Reservation are closed to all fishing except during the open season as set by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. The Wachusett/Sudbury/West Waushacum fishing season normally opens the first Saturday in April and closes Nov. 30, but the DCR/DWSP may alter those dates depending on ice conditions. At Wachusett Reservoir, shoreline fishing only is allowed from Gate 6 on Route 70 to Gate 36 on Route 110.

7.The harvest of broodstock salmon (Atlantic Salmon) is lawful in all inland waters of Massachusetts except in: the Connecticut River and all its tributaries; and the Merrimack River downstream of the Essex Dam in Lawrence, MA and all its tributaries downstream of the Essex Dam in Lawrence, MA. The possession of an Atlantic salmon (including broodstock salmon) while fishing in the Connecticut River and all its tributaries and in the Merrimack River downstream of the Essex Dam in Lawrence, MA and all its tributaries downstream of the Essex Dam in Lawrence, MA is prohibited.

8.Smelt may be taken by hook and line only.
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