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Do it! bysea 10/19/2004 18:49
It is better to do something than just to think of something.

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baseball BetterDays 10/19/2004 11:19
In perhaps the most thrilling and torturous postseason game in 104 years of Red Sox baseball, the Sox last night beat the Yankees, 5-4 in the bottom of the 14th at 10:59 p.m. It was the longest game in League Championship Series history.

I'm far from a fan in baseball. In fact, this is the third baseball game I've ever watched. I still remembered the first game I watched a few years ago. I left Fenway Park halfway through the game because I just had no clue about the rules at that time. It was so boring. To me, it was only a bunch of guys making tedious repetitions of hitting a ball f ..... 阅读全文»

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my colleage BetterDays 10/19/2004 00:22
I really appreciate the diversifed background of the people working in our group. They come from all corners of the world, West Africa, Malaysia, France, Middle East, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, and of course, our homeland China. It's lot of pleasure talking with them when the job gets really boring sometime .

The Indonesian guy has been with the company for barely 3 months, fresh out of college. He is absolutely an expection to the usual image I have with Indonesians. Funny, talkative and energetic.

One day, we were each complaining about the high school in each country. After he ..... 阅读全文»

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Autumn is beautiful here. BetterDays 10/19/2004 00:00
Part of the reason that I went as far as Canada early this month was to see the autumn there. Supposedly there would be beautiful maple trees with firery red leaves. However, since we spent most time in the city and the sky was cloudy, the foliage was not as good as I had expected.

Last Sunday, I decided to drive around the area I live, the suburb to the southwest of Boston. I was totally amazed by what I saw. It was absolutely awesome. I love driving along the narrow curving roads with trees lining up on the sides, feeling like a general inspecting his army. I love the leaves flying ..... 阅读全文»

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最近心情舒畅!! FreeStuff 10/18/2004 17:00
周六没事熬了一大锅皮蛋瘦肉粥, 味道好极了! happy
周日有朋自加州来, 午餐相会四川饭庄, 晚餐回味楼拉面, 下午逛Filene's Basement, 爽透了! 8)
今天, DLD review日期终于确定, what a relief!!

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i segmentation 10/18/2004 10:27

一娇小妹妹,人小气势大,敢爱敢恨,不知道保护自己.总让我奇怪的是,她的那么多的能量和勇气都贮存在哪儿.双子的外表,能言善道,脑袋转个不停.对生活有无限热情,丰满,一头秋天般绚烂的头发,网上酸人们的带头人.巨蟹的内心,喜欢把朋友喂得饱饱. 喜欢家庭生活,关心自己身边的东西,从人到植物.感受力强,有时有点儿情绪化.跳舞和唱歌活动的大力支持者.菜系,多元化.

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b segmentation 10/18/2004 10:25


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a segmentation 10/18/2004 10:24


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she runs again segmentation 10/18/2004 09:06



周日一早醒来惶然,梦里江湖人来人往,熟悉的身影们如走马灯一样穿梭来去,偶有厮杀的声音.梦里是江湖 ..... 阅读全文»

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she runs segmentation 10/18/2004 09:01

昨晚我一路飞驰回家,新刻的CD放着weezer.那股锐气,那股无可奈何和无所谓.嘈杂的鼓点填补我心里的缺口,脑袋里的小心思被暖烘烘地包裹,感觉很热闹,很安全.真喜欢他们.记得大学时候有些挫折时最爱听Garbage,现在weezer代替了他们. 今晚张震狱.yay!

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