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谢谢大家 4/27/2006 14:08
就要走了, 临走却有机会与大家聚会, 大家济济一堂, 好热闹, 再见到许多见过与没有见过的网友.

建议大家应该多多聚会, support


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给过敏的朋友: 4/25/2006 12:10
春天到了, 看待好多朋友花粉过敏. 四年前我也开始过敏, 持续了三年, 今年还没有. 两年前, 每当春天, 我就早餐吃绿豆艾米粥加蜂蜜, 效果显著. 强烈推荐.
如没效果, 就当美容吧, 若还不美容, 就当吃早饭把.

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还有一张of PP MM 2/01/2006 17:59

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上照片乐 2/01/2006 17:56
从国内回来已经有一个月了, 才回过神来, 随手填几张照片.
在国内发现MM 好时髦 SIGH!




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Free Credit Report 10/31/2005 11:42

As MA resident, you will be qualified for one annual credict report free.


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Two MIT Ph.D.s in the lab 9/26/2005 17:50
We got two fresh MIT Ph.D.s from Chemistry.

Both of them are so eager to prove he is the smartest and knows everything.

They dislike each other and can not stopping saying bad words on the other's back. 打你 Hehe.

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have the strawberry 5/18/2005 14:03
She, a mid-age female, is obsessed with fitness, running 10 mile a day, constantly on diet, no fruit with sugar content, lots of protein extract in milk. She has a fabulous body, runs like a cat. One day, she was hiking in a highly wooden area, and came across a tiger, a hungry tiger. She ran as fast as she ran, and she out beat the tiger. Oops, she was on the edge of a cliff. Tiger was approaching; she hung herself to the cliff and tried to slide herself down along the cliff. Oh! There was another one under the cliff, waiting. She said to herself: “I am going to be a delicious dinner for this family, look at my body, slim and full of muscle.” She looked around; there was a ripe strawberry over there. How long she had not ever eaten any strawberry? She could not even remember what strawberry tasted like, but it was definitely something sweet and juicy. She said to herself again:” let it be my last strawberry in my life and the first on in past fifteen years!” She picked the strawberry and put it into her mouth.

I do not even know what I want to say here. 打你

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back from ski 3/21/2005 10:58
Two days on slope. I guess that I made my greatest improvement in last two days in skiing.

Finally, I can ski on the edge all of the time wherever I am. Feel like I am flying when I make turns.

Look forward to next weekend!


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unlucky day 12/15/2004 19:43
Most unfortunate day for me today!

I forgot my keys at home on the most cold day!!!


Went to local restrant for carry-out, and brought food in lab. Slipped on the shinning floor with my food spoiled on floor.

Crying, Crying ...........

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