It was an ordinary day except it wasn't raining. With people left for vacation, the city felt quiet and abandoned. I love it to be abandoned so that I could park right along the Muddy River, actually anywhere.

Carrying my big art supply bag and a small folding stool, I found a shady area under a tree along the river. Two geese came over close expecting food, and became my models showing off various gestures. I captured a few on paper, and then filled the rest in.

Pastel is new too me. They are famous for their vibrant colors but are also known to be hard to frame and handle, because the pigments are powders.

I don't know why I suddenly have a connection with pastels. I guess I sensed they are good for outdoor art work as they are suited for both drawing and painting. Friday, I went out and bought a set of 90 colored soft pastels, which cost me 140 dollars, and a set of 24 colored pastel pencils, and hard pastels, pastel pads and pastel paper. They cost me over 200 dollars and reminded me that hobbies are expensive.

This morning, I got up early and went to the river again. I think it is because the coming storm, there are no geese in the water. However, a school of big fishes are swimming along the bank, at least over 20. I guess that they need more oxygen. Rain drops come while I am standing and looking. That's why now I am in my office.

11 by 14
Pastel on paper

With its vibrant colors, it takes up more memory to save. This is the largest size I can save to be just under 300k. But because pastels are like oils, they are supposed to be looked at from a distance. Try to pull back a little and have a look of its effect.

Happy holidays.

PS. for friends who want to reach me this weekend, there are some I planned to call and catch up, but I dropped my phone and now the screen is not functioning, which means I cannot see your numbers. So if you do call me, please leave a message with your number, and I will call back.

As it is a rare sunny long weekend, I am going to glaze some of the oil paintings and I have not forgotten.