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:D mot兄你搞笑哦,我饭都喷出来了,拍照和摄影好象还是一样的意思嘛。我猜楼上是说喜欢看照片,不喜欢拍照片的意思,在h后面少写了一个y。:D

btw,我订了Outdoor Photographer,你要是喜欢下次见面我拿给你 smile

r418mot 写到:
Check your dictionary and you will find there is no difference between photo and photograph.

I guess you want to say 大多数人只是喜欢拍照,不喜欢摄影。

However, even if they only like 拍照,they should do it and otherwise, they can hardly say they like it. Then I have the conclusion that most of the people here even don't like 拍照。

bysea 写到:
Sorry I should say: Most people like PHOTO more than photograph.