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5,由于活动挑战性, 有难度活动谢绝不会游泳家属,部分低难度活动欢迎家属。

please contact me if you have the interest.

hold around Northshore Chebacco Lake, Hamilton, MA ( 20m from Malden)

f you are ok or better swimmer, love nature or water sports, with adventure
in mind, some extra time and energy, like to make a little commitment, you
are more than welcome to join this great team from all over united states.

Hightlight events in this summer:

1) Maine Island Trail Series first season, 5 week(end) Adventure Sea
kayaking and wild island camping

2) Boston Harbor , 2 week(end), wilderness camping and sea kayaking

3) Cape Code island wilderness camping and Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge

4) Idaho Salmon River kayaking and rafting for 6 days, one of most famous
rivers in the world. Already full.

5)Numerus whitewater kayaking or rafting on Hudson River, Dryway on
Deerfield River, many rivers in MA ,VT, NH

6)Hardshell kayak and canoe training

We also do hiking, summer on huntington ravine -mt washington, Winter on Mt
Washington through Lion's head and Mt lafayette. This summer, one strong
team, also full, will do the highest peak in Idaho and Utah fin 4 days.
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Event is full. Thanks.
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好玩,支持一下户外运动! support