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都几个月了, 这次来真的. 风雨无阻.

Cardigan, 山不高, 路不长, 风景特好.

最新trail report, 山顶没冰没雪, 半山腰有一些, 登顶有望



Elevation: 3155 ft / 962 m
Total: 3.0 miles
Elevation gain: 1225 ft.

Though not one of the highest mountains in New Hampshire,
Mt. Cardigan is extremely popular among hikers in the
Northeast. Mt. Cardigan is widely popular due to its
variety of trails, accessibility to Boston and, and
that its bald summit gives 360 degree panoramic views.
The mountain is often compared to Mt. Manadnock because of
its wide popularity, similiar height, bald top, and circumstances
in that both mountains had major forest fires (Mt. Cardigan's in 1855).

The West side of the mountain is Cardigan State Park.
This park is home to the Class 1 West Ridge trail.
This is one of the easiest ascent to the top of the
mountain. It is also home to the Class 1-2
South Ridge trail which travels along to
ridge to South Peak and down to the parking area.

Trail map:


Driving Directions:

From 89, take exit 17 (Rt. 4). Follow Rt. 4 east for 12 miles.
Bear left to get onto Rt. 118. Turn right at a Cardigan State Park
sign and follow the signs to the summit. (Bear right 2.7 miles
from Rt. 118; at 3.4 miles bear left; at 4.1 miles you'll
be in the parking area.)

防水的衣(有个防雨的帽子最好), 裤, hiking boots(运动鞋不行!), 背包, 水, 食物.

考虑到山上可能有冰, 雪, 下面的绑鞋上防滑的yaktrax会派上用场, EMS, REI

hiking pole对下山也有帮助.

184 main street, cambridge, MA
红线Kendal MIT出站后, 沿MAIN street往downtown方向, 过bank of
america, 一百米左右就到了, 在dunkin donuts对面.

周日早上8:30准时出发. 算上路上折腾的时间, 预计11:00到.

请要去的给我个短信, 告诉我你的联系电话或其他联系方式. carpool根据情况

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sounds good
7 Costanza

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support support
how‘s the weather?
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support support
the weather is good.

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support support
人民的杨总复出了 happy
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wanger 写到:
support support
人民的杨总复出了 happy

support support happy
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不是吧打算这周去看樱花呢 frustrated
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xy come out again.
Jingshen support support
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全手全脚支持~~~ support happy

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support support
人民的杨总复出了 happy


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不是吧打算这周去看樱花呢 frustrated

精神支持. support support
自虐活动结束后有没有腐败活动? oops
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是唱歌呢还是爬山好呢 frustrated

先精神 support support

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support Success
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是唱歌呢还是爬山好呢 frustrated

先精神 support support

先爬山后唱歌嘛! wink
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co 为难, 我
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落山的太阳神奇的月 大饼烙好看大雪 你要抒情你就抒情 我肚子饿了,我要吃大饼。

- 金元宝

Keeping all options on the table...

- George W. Bush