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My fellow picture-takers,

I am going to take some street photos in Boston on this coming Saturday to take advantage of the beautiful color. Basically, my plan is to spend the early morning in Boston Common/Public Garden, and the rest of the day walking in the city and take pictures of whatever interesting.

If you are interested in joining me, please let me know.
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where is your picture taken at yesterday nite?
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There will be rowing race on Charles river this Staurday. It might be an interesting subject for taking pictures.

The event is called Head of the Charles River Regatta. (I think)
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Do you have more detailed time schedule?
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Here is the web site


Saturday, October 23, 2004
EVENT 1M 11:25 Club Eights [Men]
EVENT 1W 11:41 Club Eights [Women]
EVENT 2M 12:05 Club Fours [Men]
EVENT 2W 12:20 Club Fours [Women]
EVENT 3M 12:49 Club Singles [Men]
EVENT 3W 1:02 Club Singles [Women]
EVENT 4M 1:28 Master Doubles +40 [Men]
EVENT 4W 1:37 Master Doubles +40 [Women]
EVENT 5M 1:59 Senior Master Doubles +50 [Men]
EVENT 5W 2:08 Senior Master Doubles +50 [Women]
SPECIAL 2:35 Olympic Eights Procession
EVENT 6M 2:45 Master Eights +40 [Men]
EVENT 6W 2:57 Master Eights +40 [Women]
EVENT 7M 3:14 Senior Master Eights +50 [Men]
EVENT 7W 3:25 Senior Master Eights +50 [Women]
EVENT 8M 3:44 Championship Doubles [Men]
EVENT 8W 3:54 Championship Doubles [Women]
EVENT 9M 4:13 Championship Singles [Men]
EVENT 9W 4:23 Championship Singles [Women]