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Two years ago, the cat abuse incident at Fudan University detonated public opinion. When a stray cat was found, its abdomen was cut open, and the organs such as the intestines and heart were blurred.Later, the students sent the injured cat to the doctor and were told that the injury could not be healed,the euthanasia was finally implemented at the doctor's advice. Fudan University once investigated for a while, but it turned out to be no longer. Recently, a classmate of Fudan University broke the news to me, Qiu Jiajun,A PhD in Fudan University, turned out to be the protagonist of Fudan's cat abuse incident.Found an injured stray cat in front of the student supermarket in the North District:
According to Fudan University, this type of event was not discovered for the first time on campus. This is already the fourth time. This time, the injury was the heaviest. The cats found in the first three times were saved after being sent to the doctor. Two of them were still recovering.
My classmates said that many people were sealed in the past, because Qiu Jiajun was working at Tongji University at the time, and he was quite famous. The school pressed this down in the past. However, his reputation as a cat abuser spread in the academic circle, and even some Chinese animal protection organizations once threatened him, and forced Qiu Jiajun to go into exile.