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I shoot the firework with a Canon EOS 10D + Tamorn 28-75/f2.8 lens. This is the first time I shot firwork with a digital camera. Some night scene with Canon EF 70-200/f4 lens

something learned this time:
I am confident to shoot firework burst using SLR film camera, so I though the DSLR should be the same. Wrong! it's not the same.
the pro of the DSLR:
you can play with the exposure before the firework starts, esp when you need to fine tune the exposure for the background. Remember you should get use to the brightness of the LCD screen for preview of your photo. It looks much brighter in the darkness, and looks much darker under sunlight. You souldn't judge the exposure simply according to what your eyes see on the LCD
1.the DSLR is much slower in term of response. I missed a lot of burst simply because the shutter refused to open at the exact moment.
2. DSLR has much lower tolerance for exposure error. Even one stop mistake, you are out of luck. ASA100 print film has great exposure latitude, and is great for firework. You can shoot any ASA100 film, and develop it only (don't both printing it), then use a film scanner to scan the film. You can get great result, I believe