1. Halt or freeze: Closed fist.
2. 360 tight circle (members face four directions, each facing a different one and having their backs to each other, forming a sort of box, allowing the captain to confer with everyone): Index finger pointed skyward, fingertip making a circle.
3. Take Cover: Hand with all fingers spread out, pointing at the ground.
4. Cover me: Pat head.
5. I see: Point to eyes with one finger.
6. Look: Point in direction you want team members to look.
7. I hear/listen: Cupped hand behind ear.
8. Yes: Thumb up.
9. No: Thumb down.
10. Get on line left/right: Extend arm level with ground, in the direction you want the team to get on line. Raise arm up and down, as if imitating a flapping wing.
11. Enemy sighted: Point index and middle finger (peace sign) at your eyes. Then point with index finger where you see the OPFOR.
12. Flank movement right/left: Semicircle with the arm you with team to flank from.
I'm an average guy. 4/18/2005 16:58
I am a good guy
.. but I do bad things

I love
.. but I hurt the ones I love

I am not a quiter
.. but I quit when I like it no more

I take my chances
.. but I've never been lucky

I like guys better
.. but I'm not gay

I laugh in the face of danger
.. but I hide until it goes away

I am an average guy
.. but I think I'm not an average guy


This is not a poem. Just some random thoughts.

Drafted Apr 18th, 2005
(restaurant) Vinh Sun 4/18/2005 13:31
忘了名字, 在海之味的对面, 二楼好像有烧烤, 没上去也没问,

点的几个菜感觉不好不坏, 服务还行, not bad for a change.
(movie) guess who 4/18/2005 12:55
we went to see 'guess who' last weekend ... just to see how bad it is ... damn pg-13s
.. don't even think about seeing it if you're sane. here's a review at imdb.


Ashton can't act his way out of a paper bag. He should have never been able to pursue a career after "That 70's Show". Bernie tries to carry the weight of the movie on his shoulders, but it is too much. The movie has its funny moments, but I didn't feel any chemistry between Bernie and Ashton; almost as if they were walking through their lines. In the taxi scene Ashton looks right into the camera! What a sloppy actor! The plot is also in need of some serious repair. I wish I could have paused the movie in the theater so I could announce what was going to happen next.

Overall, I give it a 3/10.

<<end quote
(tv) little britain 4/18/2005 12:16
Little Britain has triumphed at the British Academy Television Awards, winning two awards.

for those who haven't seen Little Britain

"Britain, Britain, Britain! Population: One millions, Number of towns, Nine. Average height, Thirty. Shoe size... But just who are Britain? Over the next eleventeen weeks we aim to find out by following the lives of ordinary British folk. What do they, who is they and why?"

Emerging from the depths of BBC Radio 4, Little Britain is fast becoming a comedic hit all over the world. For the majority of Britain's population, the real Britain that is, it's unusual to make it through a day without someone quoting one of the vast amount of catchphrases spawned from the minds of creator/writer/performers Matt Lucas and David Walliams. It's rapidly growning fan base may call it one of the best comedy shows around at the moment, wrong... it's one of the best ever!

So sit back and take a journey around Britain and the lives of the 'normal', everyday people who inhabit that sceptered isle.

Love the show. Finally a sitcom without stupid sex jokes.
- Blueblue
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Apr 16 Boston Paintball (Assembly Square, Somerville, MA)

indoor speedball-airball field about 250 feet longitudinal.
carpet floor and big balloon bunker.

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(movie) sin city 4/18/2005 11:49
we went to see sin city last weekend. quite a fetish epic actually. i guess we all see the shadow of 'four rooms' in it above all, thanks to robert rodriguez and quentin.

girls are pretty in there. quite pretty. fetish and colorful.



Went to a sneak preview of this movie today, and I was blown away. Over the years people have tried to emulate the feel of comics on the screen, and met with mild success(Dick Tracy), minor failure(Hulk), and solid success(Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow). This is hard to do, but Sin City hits this dead on. The film is entirely in black and white(Except for about 20 seconds that I noticed in one scene.), except for highlights of color(Gorgeous eyes, splattered blood, and red Converse All-Stars to name a few.). This gives the film a feel that immerses you into the storyline. Add to this the overly corny duologue and scenes where scantily(And I DO mean scantily) clad women pull Uzi's out of literally nowhere, and you have all the right makings for a transfer of a comic book to the screen. The duologue had me laughing almost constantly, but it's easy to tell that they wanted you to laugh, even when they lines were incredibly corny and melodramatic...

The performances in the movie were great as well. I believe my favorite male character was Marv, played by Micky Rourke, and my favorite female character was definitely Miho, played by Devon Aoki. It seems that everyone and their dog was either in this movie, or lent some of their talents to it, and it shows.

I would definitely suggest that you see this in the theatre the very first time, because it will NEVER have the same impact on your TV at home as it does on a 30-foot screen in a dark theatre. I was actually able to note a few times where the digital cameras were able to outperform anything film could do.

A lot of violence in this movie, although most of it is either totally cartoon-style, or off camera, and some gore as well... A good amount of nudity in the film, ALL of it on camera, so you'll probably want to leave the kiddies at home.

All in all, one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, and I'll probably go see it again while it's in the theatres, so that my fiancé can enjoy it as well...
(tee time) plan and log 3/30/2005 23:25
Ski vacation last weekend with girl friend, review posted respectively.

3.25 at Cannon $50
Marriot Fairfield Inn Burlington $60
Chinese Buffet at I-89 Exit 12 $25

3.26 at Mad River Glen $60
Marriot Fairfield Inn Burlington $60
Chinese Dinner at South Burlington US-7 $30

3.27 at Stowe $70
Killington Summit Lodge $60
Italian Dinner at The Garlic $85

3.28 at Killington $0
Cortina Inn $70
Lunch at Rutland Pasta House $30
Dinner at Cortina Inn $25

3.29 at Killington $55
Pizza Buffet Dinner at Concord Main St $25


3.25 Cannon Mountain, Friday, Cloudy

$25 per person weekdays with colldge id, no lift line, lift service reasonably good, windy at high elevation, 70-person tramline serving the summit, food available at summit lodge

Intermediate Glades off Triple Chair B: Banshee Glades, Lakeview Glades
Long adv-intermediate Mogul off Summit Quad: Hardscrabble (Best Run of the day)
Liftline Moguls: Profile, Zoomer
Long intermediate Cruisers off Summit Quad: Cannon, Ravine
Scenic intermediate off Summit Quad: Vista Way

Two best trails, Kinsman Glade and Tranline Trail, were closed at the time we visited.


3.26 Mad River Glen, Saturday, Sunny

$30 per person with the mad card, huge lift line but well worth the wait, trail are quiet, service are best

Mad River Glen is the place that I had longed for, and finally had the chance of visiting. It's a place where snowboarders are banned, and where you find a single chair serving the summit.

Off the Single Chair Summit Exit
_Paradise: the toughest trail of the resort, tight trees, sudden drops, rocks, bumps and everything else, great view by the way
_Fallline: second toughest trail of the resort, similar to Paradise but no trees
_Chute: lift line bumps where you should prepare to be watched
_Catamount Bowl: valley view bumps
_Lower Antelope: great adv-intermediate bump run similar to castlerock at Sugarbush

Off the Single Chair Broadway Exit
_Beaver: Upper-intermediate bumps
_Glades: Upper-intermediate bumps and glades
_Canyon: Intermediate bumps

Off the Sunnyside Double Chair
_Quacky: Lower-intermediate bumps

Intermediate Trails
_Upper Antelope: Unique scenic blue with interesting turns
_Catamount: Cruiser
_Bunny: Cruiser
_Porcupine: Cruiser


3.27 Stowe, Sunday, Sunny

$35 per person with sunrise half price coupon, apparent lift line at the FourRunner Quad, Eight person gondola serving Mt Mansfield, Spruce double is being replaced with a new Spruce Quad

Stowe is proud of its vertical and the average length of its trails. Be prepared to rest after only 2-3 runs.

Goat and Starr were closed at the time we visited.

Off the FourRunner Quad
_Liftline: the steepest trail of the resort, under the liftline
_Nosedive: great intermediate cruiser, well groomed; you get really fast
_Hayride: intermediate cruiser
_Lord: lower-intermediate cruiser
_Bypass: adv-intermediate bumps off the fall line
_Gulch: lower-intermediate bumps off the triple chair

Off the Gondola Line
_Perry Merril: really long intermediate run
_Gondolier: really long intermediate run, bumps on the left side

Off Spruce Double Chair
_Smugglers: Intermediate bumps, quite interesting run actually


3.28 Killington, Monday, Rain

Free skiing due to the weather.

It kept raining at freezing temperature for the entire day. Trails were wet and freezed despite the grooming. Gondola and all other detachable quad failed to start because of the ice on the lift cable. I took the Snowdon Quad, then Northridge Triple, just to get the the peak, then I skied down Cascade with a group of over-commited fellow skiers.

3.29 Killington, Tuesday, Fog

$30 per person, no lift line, great snow base, great grooming, good tree skiing maintenance, but beware of the vertical, in the sense that you won't see a continuous 3k vertical anywhere on the mountain, e.g. K1 peak has only 1600 feet vertical, bear mountain has only 1000 feet vertical

People at Killington seem indifferent, and to some extent, cold.
Restaurants along the Killington access road are decent, and also, decently priced.

the steepest run (bump): Ovation, off the superstar quad
advanced glades: Julio, off the superstar quad
adv-intermediate glades: Low rider, off the snowdon quad
beginner glades: Squeeze play, off the ramshead quad

It was foggy when we were there, so I guess the fact that we couldn't ski fast accounted partly for the fact that we didn't quite like it. I personally think except Ovation and some trails on Bear Mountain, most other trails are overrated.

Glades are very well maintained and developed, in contrast to Jay Peak, which caters more to adventurers (and tougher apparently)

I wouldn't compare the bumped runs at Killington to Mad River Glen or Sugarbush. Don't go to Killington if you are looking for serious, or fun bumps.



this seson my girl friend and I have visited
Wachusett, Pat's Peak, Sunday River, Jiminy Peak, Waterville, Loon
Sugarbush, Jay Peak, Cannon, Mad River Glen, Stowe, Killington

next season we plan to visit
Wildcat, Sugarloaf, Whiteface
Jackson Hole, Whistler Blackcomb, Vail, Aspen Snowmass, Keystone
10 kind of people 3/24/2005 12:53
There are 10 kind of people, those who understand binary and those who do not.

<Forwarded from a post by a colleague in my lab>
(snowsports) Heli Skiing 3/22/2005 17:03
(snowsports) Jay Peak 3/21/2005 00:41
We went to Jay Peak today, european styled ski resort, loaded with french speaking canadian people. Jay is famous for its open woods policy and huge snowfall.

Summit view off the tramline is nice, comprising Lake Champlain, Stowe, and possibly Montreal with a little bit of imagination.

Bumped runs:
- Can Am, Huge bumps at Upper Can Am off the B Quad
- Power Line, Slushy big bumps off the B Quad
- Kitzbuehel, Twisted bumped run off the triple chair
- The Jet, Liftline bumped run off the triple chair
- Tuckermans Chute, Narrow steep glades off the Tramline
- Everglade, Moderate tree density
- JFK, Narrow steep glades off the F Quad, high tree density
Long blues:
- Ullr's Dream, Upper intermediate off the F Quad
- Northway, Lower intermediate off the F Quad
- Goat Run, Lower intermediate off the B Quad
- Vermonter, Scenic Lower intermediate off the Tramline

Notes about the glades:
- Everglade is a lower intermediate glades
- Glades off the B Quad are upper intermediate glades
- Glades along JFK was hairy
- Staircase is the longest advanced gladed trail, accessible by both quad
- Face Chute and Tuckersmans Chute are short steep glades off the Tramline, extreme but not as steep as staircase

- Use rt-72 to avoid the flat on lower rt-64
- Do not get onto rt-30, which only goes to the condomiums
- Trails off the B Quad are on the sunny side, while all else are not
- rt-19 to rt-48 is the only way back to the gondola base

- Jay is similar to Loon but with a little more advanced terrain
- Skiers and snowboarders are pretty messed up on their blue runs
- Snow is good, so is their grooming
- Liftline is short, except the wait for the tram
- B quad and the triple chair is quite slow
- Glades off the face chute are probably the only unique part of their terrain
- Staircase looks similar to Rumble at Sugarbush
(movie) closer 3/18/2005 11:30
finally watched 'closer' last night .. god i hate this type of movies ..
they always piss me off
and this one in particular reminded me of the time when i first watched 'leaving las vagas' ..
.. damn it

*when i wrote this post a month ago, what i meant was that i liked this movie. actually. i guess i should have said it in a more obvious kind of way. sorry about my bad language skills. also, i like leaving las vagas. that was my favorite film back in college.

All my life I've been waiting
For you to bring a fairy tale my way
Been living in a fantasy without meaning
It's not okay I don't feel safe
Left broken empty in despair
Wanna breath can't find air
Thought you were sent from up above
But you and me never had love
So much more I have to say
Help me find a way
And I wonder if you know
How it really feels
To be left outside alone
When it's cold out here
Well maybe you should know
Just how it feels
To be left outside alone
To be left outside alone
All my life I've been waiting
For you to bring a fairytale my way
Been living in a fantasy without meaning
It's not okay I don't feel safe
I need to pray
Why do you play me like a game?
Always someone else to blame
Careless, helpless little man
Someday you might understand
There's not much more to say
But I hope you find a way
Still I wonder if you know
How it really feels
To be left outside alone
When it's cold out here
Well maybe you should know
Just how it feels
To be left outside alone
To be left outside alone
All my life I've been waiting
For you to bring a fairytale my way
Been living in a fantasy without meaning
It's not okay I don't feel safe
I need to pray
And I wonder if you know
How it really feels
To be left outside alone
When it's cold out here
Well maybe you should know
Just how it feels
To be left outside alone
To be left outside alone
All my life I've been waiting
For you to bring a fairytale my way
Been living in a fantasy without meaning
It's not okay I don't feel safe
I need to pray
I went with the snosearch bus again yesterday with friends. This time it was Sugarbush. The snow was great thanks to the heavy dumping in the earlier week, especially the twelve inches of fresh stuff on 3.12

Sugarbush was rated 9th for challenge and 10th for terrain among northeastern america. We skied half a dozen bumped runs that day, including 'paradise' and 'castlerock', second most difficult trails at Sugarbush. 'rumble' is the toughest trail on the mountain which we purposely missed. 'twist' is a blue bumped run that we started the day with.

Plenty of advanced glades can be found on upper Mt Lincoln peak and Mt castlerock, mostly scattered and weren't sketched out on the trailmap. The only glades we skied is an intermediate one, next to 'downspout'.

Not many cruisers on the mountain. 'jester' is the only cruisers on the mountain that we skied. All diamond trails at Sugarbush were bumped up.

We took the 'one of a kind' sideway detachable quad to Mt ellen in the afternoon. The only trail we skied there is the 'F.I.S' trail. It's a workout because of the flat out at the lower part. Due to the flat out, the trail was nice and quiet, the privateness of which we did enjoy at first.

In addition, Sugarbush offered snowmobile tour for expert skiers for an additional $35. Toured place was in the 'Slide brook' valley between the two developed part of the resort.
(music) Shadow Stabbing 3/10/2005 18:30

"Shadow Stabbing"

Adjectives on the typewriter
He moves his words like a prize fighter
The frenzied pace of the mind inside the cell

The man on the street might just as well be
The man on the street might just as well
The man on the street might just as well be

Outside, outside the world
Out there you don't hear the echoes and calls
But the steel I,
Type jaw
Say it all
Say it all

But the white paint,
Plastic saints
Say it all
Say it all
Say it all

Say it all,
Say it all,
Say it all,
Say it all,
Say it all,
Say somebody,
Has got to say it all
Has got to say it all

I'm so nervous
I'm so tense
My heart can't forget about this self defense
The air is so hot
and my breath comes fast
I thumb the cool blade but I know this can't last

I thumb the cool blade but I know this can't last...

Outside, outside the world
Out there you don't hear the echoes and calls
But the steel I,
Type jaw
Say it all
Say it all

But the white paint,
plastic saints
Say it all
Say it all
Say it all

Say it all,
Say it all,
Say it all,
Say it all,
Say it all,
Say somebody,
Has got to say it all
Has got to say it all

Yeah, adjectives on the typewriter
He moves his words like a prize fighter
The frenzied pace of the mind inside the cell

The man on the street might just as well be
The man on the street might just as well
The man on the street might just as well be
*hidden treasures 3/09/2005 13:44
the liquor store next to inman sq.
the bear store at that mall on hammond pkwy.

- more
_reviewing on the skiing part for those who plan to go there_

_n. Informal
_one who is crazy or deranged.

I attended the ski trip organized by yang and fellow skiers on this forum, Saturday at Waterville and Sunday at Loon, sleeping over at Rivergreen lodge for the night.

My friend and I got to Waterville at 8am on Saturday and skied a few trails together. He was busy for the rest of the day with his date. I couldn't find any forum guys and I skied single most of the time.

Waterville has two detachable quad serving novice and advanced skiers, respectively. There is a triple chair on the expert run 'true-grit', featuring the steepest pitch of the resort and tight-pitched moguls on the side. I crashed into another skier on it and hurt my right leg. 'gema' was a decent single diamond carvable in the morning. 'no-grit' is a blue run on the same side featuring good valley views. Above trails are on the sunny side and were quite windy. In the afternoon, there was very little snow left there.

The other side of the mountain houses single blacks and many blues. Trails were good for cruising. There were monster jumps in the park which were closed for Saturday's competition.

'lower-bobby's run' is a complete long-pitch mogul run with excellent snow coverage throughout the day, in addition to which, beginner and intermediate moguls can be found at 'rockland' and 'the boneyard'. 'lower periphery' has a few beginners jumps that I like. Some beginner's glades is located close to 'rockland'.

I took the summit double chair only once but there wasn't anything fun up there. It's a scandal that those couple hundred feet are counted toward the total 2000 feet vertical.

Sunday we skied at Loon, which had apparently better snow but less challenging terrains. Loon and Waterville are owned and operated by the same skiing company, so it's not a surprise they shared similarities.

We got there about 9am and I skied with foxtrot in the morning on 'walking boss' and 'flume', twice each. She is a good snowboarder. The trails were sweet for the entire day and the moguls on the side of 'flume' were nice. Then I took the leftmost blue trails 'sunset' and 'speakeasy' to the base lodge with yang, rainforest and cyclin. The view along the trails was nice. Beginner moguls at the end of the run. We had lunch at the base lodge, thanks to ab couple holding onto the food.

After lunch, rainforest, cyclin and I took the four passenger gondola, which was interesting and a little faster than those detached quad. The teenagers who rode the same car with me were apparently drunk. Rainforest is a great skier. We skied 'mike's way' and 'scaler', two awesome glades together and these runs were definitely the best runs of the day.

It started snowing after that, so we returned to the north peak and did 'flume' couple more times, mainly for the moguls on the lower part.

Then we tried to figure out a way to get to 'triple-trouble' and 'angel-street' but failed. I was confused about the trail map and misled the way. We ended up skiing 'flying-fox' and 'picked-rock' many times, which were too typical boulevard-type blue runs to be interesting. I did some jumps in the minor park and hurt my thumb. I guess I landed my last jump with the tips of my ski.

Loon did a great job separating skiers and snowboarders. In the morning when I skied with foxtrot at the north peak, she was almost the only snowboarder there. I guess loon did a great job attracting snowboarders to the parks and the olympic sized half pipe.

I was impressed with the adaptive skiing program at Waterville, where people with disabilities are doing their skiing as well. I was also impressed with those telemark skiers who were just fun to watch, and those boarders who carved so well with their carve boards.

Overall, both mountain were sweet and great for one-day skiing. It's such a pleasure skiing with so many great skier and snowboarders on this forum and I hope we can do it again sometime.

Best wishes,
风雨轻拂 3/04/2005 19:09



高中时写的, 当然是无病呻吟的那种了
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