What a day! 11/17/2008 16:56
Jetblues always on time 牛

U.S. airlines 衰 always not on time for arrivals. 6-7 hrs trip turned out to be 15-16 hrs trip. The first hour of the flight the captain said the plane was out of fuel and had to land on a nearby airport. Once we got there they kept saying the mechanics would check the plane and probably would take 15 min. then again saying another 20 minutes...until 1 hr was gone and they still couldn't find out the problem with the plane. Finally, they evaculated the plane and people were put on hold with only 2 customer agents..We waited and then at last got on a plane for the night. What a waste for the whole day! 打你
$5.99/ lb on sale in Chinatown.. Laughing
Night is getting cold 9/23/2008 12:28
Autumn is coming and the day/night are getting chilly. Many people have been catching cold lately so dress warm, eat a good meal, put on a few thick 棉被 at night. Have fun! Laughing
First day of Autumn 9/22/2008 12:31
Today is the first day of Autumn. Time goes too fast! NH foliage must be tongue by now

It's too late to go to the farm for blueberry, peach, and pear picking.

Last night I had a dream about GG and MM. GG told MM that he would be moving to another place for some kind of reason and MM was 欠揍 Sad about it. Then later on, MM found out GG lied to her because he was diagnosted with neck cancer and didn't want to hurt MM. The moment that MM had confronted and verified with GG about the real reason of his leaving, it was so 我哭 cry that MM was hugging GG and tears running down her cheeks. Then suddenly she felt something wet above her, turned and lifted her head up and saw GG was in tears too. It was her first time to see a man in tears. I woke up and realized that I was the MM. Love between the life and death is too painful. Sad cry
Lovin' You 8/29/2008 23:58

To new friends and old friends who hangs out in Shenghuonet.com. I know for new friends or old friends who hangs out mostly in Shenghounet.com without meeting others in person, is always easy to make assumptions based on the posts we write; however please don't "assume" this or that. Please don't take it seriously on some personal stuff. Such as long time ago, I was at a dumpling party and a new friend asked me "you and XXX are in 恭喜 …you and the other girl are ... 欠揍 ."

Then also my other friend called me a few days ago at work and asked my recent posts "What happened to ABC's diary confused Sound so sad? and others replied to the posts? What is happening between you and …. confused " I told her "Calm down, it's a joke! Don't take it too serious, okay? In the beginning I was as serious as you but then I have learned to take it as some kind of entertainments. Some friends told me that for any personal matters people would not put it up for the public to make comments so therefore for any personal related matters, if I do make any comments, it is solely for entertaining purposes and you will not hear my comments unless you ask me directly."

By the way, lots of friends like to talk and joke around. Please don't spread rumors if you don't know me. rose Thank you for your attention! Laughing
Boring 7/22/2008 18:17
The last two years too many things happened. I almost want to 打你 我靠 天啊 Mad cry 我哭 欠揍 我砍 . There are a few times I feel bored. Too many things I want to 我砍 but it is useless to put up here. Period!
Questons about plants 6/17/2008 09:12
frustrated frustrated
Pictures 6/06/2008 13:06
Hello guys,

I'm organizing the pictures from past activities, please Laughing let me know if you want me to send it to your email box(yahoo, gm, msn..etc). happy

Please see the Boston Marathon course map for tomorrow's driving tips. 恭喜



Click here http://www.bostonmarathon.org/

then Point to "Race coverage" under course map

I'm proud of you guys! happy Get a good rest! wink
Full and happy 4/16/2008 19:37
Two juicy lamb chops, two pieces of sword fishes, Cannoli, Tiramisu, paramasam chicken, mushrooms, olives, squids, archichokes, ham wrapped with chicken breast, pasta, stuff mushrooms, chicken with broccoli pasta.. Laughing

I'm full.. happy

崇拜 Coworker chatted with one of the bosses about China..
Crabs 3/28/2008 23:57
I'm full for the crabs.... with lots of yolk happy Laughing Laughing
新的站内信件 3/11/2008 23:18
Today, my yahoo mail account tells me that I have 新的站内信件 from Shenghuonet so I log in to my account but nothing comes up. This has happened for a few times so I wonder what is going on? Whoever sends me email, I don't know who you are. Please resend or call me.. Laughing
Bird breeder wanted 1/30/2008 22:58
If you know anything about breeding birds, let me know. Thanks! Laughing

Guys, I haven't forgotten your pictures(summer boating, farewell parties, winter hiking,..etc) and will email you soon. smile
Fresh air 1/30/2008 22:55
Tonight I was working late but I feel much better having a vase of beautiful flowers at my desk. Looking and smelling it, I feel peachy. happy It's a good fresh air!

Hotpots in Allston 1/01/2008 19:44
There are two new grandopening hotpot restaurants in Allston. I Surprised the hotpot restaurants in Chinatown have moved to Allston. Laughing
Say hello to 2008! 12/31/2007 23:22
If you're in NYC or in Boston for the first night of 2008, please upload the pictures with us. Laughing Happy New Year, everyone!

Let us say Hello to 2008! 祝你好运
photo, Greek dessert 12/26/2007 13:50
If you haven't visited your parents for a long time and they don't have computer in China, it would be nice to send them couple of your pictures. Show them your adventure, hiking, canoe, BBQ, FB..etc You can pick some of your best pictures and put them together like a story book of your life in 2007. happy

FYI, Walgreen's digital print is on sale(4X6, order 30+ will charge only $.10C) till 1/12 (I am going to make some prints too. Thanks to a friend who offers assistance to me. I think I can able to handle it. ) rose

My coworker left some of the Greek desserts in the kitchen. One is almond dust power cookies. The other one is layers of walnut, sesame, maple squares. I tried two and they are too sweet. Laughing
New movies 12/25/2007 14:28
Sweeney Todd-The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (A)
I'm Legend(B-)
Charlie Wilson's war(A-)
Margot at the wedding(C)
No country for old men(A)
The Golden compass
National Treasure book of secrets
The great debaters

Many new movies in December happy
Time has wings 12/02/2007 19:57
I've been too busy lately and hardly keeping up with what's happening around me. I thought I will have some relaxing time for my vacation days but it turns out that I have caught a cold. Sad My cold medicine definitely could be some use after I bought 4 packs of them two months ago. I should have called in sick instead of booking my vacation time. 打你 Hopefully, something new will be popping up soon.

Time to get some rest for my eyes and body (I don't think I can get much though but really want to get the assignment over soon...Phone call tomorrow and better prepare for tonight...)
Too much frustration that leads me really want to punch somebody on the nose
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