up 1/25/2007 23:24
why I'm up because of a restless mind!
happy 1/01/2007 23:58
Last day of April Fool for the year of 2006-I caught some fishes.

I took a walk along the beach yesterday but forgot to bring my camera with me. I would not forget the colors of the sky, the trees,..it's so beautiful.

I was busy with cleaning up my apartment, greeting emails and calls with friends, and other things.
Happy New Year! 12/31/2006 22:36
Funniest pictures in 2006 12/28/2006 20:24
I can't stop laughing for more than 15 minutes. The funniest pictures that I have seen! Wacky Surprised hilarious oops and warm wink rose

Last weekend was great! Two days in a roll, it was all about eating and having fun! For the MMs that attended PL's party, I think most of them would get jealous at PL for having such a wonderful LG. wink tongue I have found more and more 牛 about Nike after that day. Looking at the food that you had prepared for the party, I can only say 牛 牛 牛 , Nike. In here, I want to say "Thank you" for organizing such a great party and taken the time to prepare the food. happy Happy B-day to PL and other MMs! smile
P.S. Some of the songs that ppl sang at the Karoke were very touching, it reminds me so much about the happy times that we used to share.. After the party, I went home and feeling refresh! happy happy
Sunny day! 10/17/2006 19:04
This morning I arrived work and instantly saw an email from a friend. I didn't expect that I would hear from B. A bit astonished! B is very nice! What would I do without friends!? This is definitely some fresh air for the whole day! Laughing

Turning upside down. 9/25/2006 14:32
I had two long discussions with friends last night. The result :arrow: I didn't sleep the whole night. Next time, I won't do it again... Sad oops Hyper Hypos...

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weekend at work 8/25/2006 21:43
I got a big assignment from my boss and the deadline is next Monday night. Sad It is definitely challenging nevertheless my weekend will be spending at work.
No topic 8/05/2006 00:03
Stop & Shop's sweet corn is on sale this week. 13 corns for $2. tongue Get it, quick!
I opened the refrigerator yesterday and found a bottle of "Muscle Milk". Surprised Weird! I squeezed it and is as firm as muscle..Guess what, proteins, and vitamins. wink My coworker came in and I asked him whether that was his.. He nodded with a smile. I chuckled and said "I know it!". He works out alot. 8) I wonder what it tastes like...
I have to take my car to either dealership or garage tomorrow. It is still soaking after I mopped up repeatedly with towels. Last Sunday, I was driving fast on the highway- having my A/C on at a high power, and was raining heavily. The bad thing is I found out that the driver's carpet and the rear passenger's side were soaking. frustrated frustrated
simplify and finalized 7/19/2006 18:43
It's been almost 2 years, something so simple turns out to be so complicated. support Waiting to be simplify and finalized. happy
Concert tonight 7/06/2006 13:48
I got a free Madonna concert ticket from work and I'll be there! happy
Jin restaurant 6/01/2006 23:27
B got an invitation for free food sampling from Jin Asian Cuisine restaurant & Caterer (old name was "东王潮") The restaurant manager had called B(used to be her biggest customer) a few times about food sampling and finally B decided to give it a try. B, C, D, and I went there last night. The food sampling dates started from this Tuesday and ended tonight. With the new interior renovations, it surely looks better than before. Unexpectedly the food is 牛 牛 Here are the list of orders:

5 orders of dim sum
1 big plate of variety sushis
1 plate of Thai food(curry chicken with veg)
1 plate of large Shrimp with asparagus and tomatoes
1 plate of rye eye steak with broccoli (excellent rye eye steak 牛 , fairly cooked and the sauce is 牛 )
2 martinis
4 glasses of coke
3 greentea icecream
$170 for the bill

Comparing to the Chinatown restaurants, score 1(lowest) to 5 for food:

Appearance 4
taste 4
serving 2 (due to high volume of customers..serving is kind of slow)
price 2

On the food evaluation, B put the food is excellent but price is kind of expensive.

B gave a good tips to the waiter then walked away.

Jin Asian Cuisine Restaurant & Caterer
20 Frank P. Bennett HWY
Saugus, Ma 01906
Tel: 781-231-8888

Starting tomorrow, My night time will be 11pm. I have made a bet with my friends that if you catch me past 11pm..I will treat them to a nice restaurant and they can order anything they want..Max is $100. Let's see whether I can keep this up for 2 weeks.
Quit smoking! 5/03/2006 23:36
support quit smoking. They have a smoking cessation support. I watched the Ad on the TV and the program sounds fun. They are given out free candies to help you quit smoking. happy

Last weekend 5/01/2006 23:37
5 hrs walking
4 hrs talking
1 hr cleaning, washing, and waxing
1st prize : 1 most expensive fish and seafood dishes
2nd Prize: 1 European cake

Free 5-6 株君子兰 3/31/2006 23:12
Spring is here and I am giving away 5 to 6 株君子兰 starting this coming 2 weeks. Please let me know if you're interested!

请辞斑竹--圆桌会 1/31/2006 00:08
请辞斑竹-Becoming an epidemic in this site and ..Who is the next one?. Sad Maybe it's time to have a 圆桌会... frustrated
At seventeen the bridge of dreams
Can reach across forever
A long weekend, my mother's friend
You came in search of weather

The women I saw, I'd seen years before
But never like this
You kiss on my cheek, said "Find if you seek,
A moment of bliss"

I'll never forget you
Don't ever regret you
You opened my eyes
Wherever I go in this world
As I stumble on shifting sand
You were there
When a boy turned man

Secretly it had to be
Though honest was our passion
And every moment in your arms
Made Mockery of fashion

And after the glow
The talk of the Soul
Will stay deep inside

I'll never forget you
I'll always respect you

You opened my eyes
Whatever I do in this life
As I battle against the tide

I'll never forget you
I'll always respect you
You opened my eyes
Wherever I go in this world
As I stumble on shifting sand
You were there
When a boy turned man

You were there
When a boy turned man

You were there
When a boy turned man
You were there
When a boy turned man

You were there
When a boy turned man.

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