When your life seems to fly so fast,
When everything you know is in the past,
When only your dreams could last
When all your prayers turned into dust
You still have me to trust.

When you can’t do anything but to cry,
When you think every word was a lie,
When no one stands on your side,
When everyone just run and hide,
When you want nothing except to die,
My hands will be there to hold yours tight.

I will be the one to pick you off the floor if you ever fall,
Wipe your tears away, brush off your shoulder and let your feelings soar,
I'll always be there for you and be the best friend I can be,
All I ask from you is just put your trust in me.
Hard and Harder 11/08/2005 16:55
It’s hard to not let your feelings show
but it’s harder to let them know...

It’s hard to make someone love you
but it’s harder to not love the one you do...

It’s hard to forget and forgive
but it’s harder to accept it as it is...

It’s hard to be strong
but it’s harder to move on...

It’s hard to love the one you hate
but it’s harder to hate someone you love, when you know its fate...

It’s hard to not cry
but it’s harder to not lie...

It’s hard to do a lot of things
but it’s harder if you don't try...
A best friend 11/08/2005 16:52
Being a best friend
I was sitting here thinking
of the words i want to say
but they wouldn't come out right
so i found another way
i got a piece of paper
and i wrote this poem for you
but there's no way to thank you
for everything you do
for always being nice to me
and staying by my side
for helping fix my problems
and never leaving me behind
for accepting my thoughts and feelings
though you dont understand
for never giving up on me
and being my best friend
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