335xi vs g37s 10/14/2007 00:21
had lunch at shanghai gate and it was such a lovely day that we decided to go for a test drive. just so it happens the herb chambers dealers for both marquees are located next to each other on comm ave and a stone's throw from sh gate. first stop was the inifiniti dealer, the sales man tom was the best i ever met, composed, knowlegeable and never rushed. he used to work for bimmer and knew both cars well. took the g37 coupe stick drive for a spin. it was a nice car but i wasn't as impressed as i thought i would. there's no denial the car's sexy as hell from outside. and the power's there. and boy was it fast. but the clutch was heavy and the gear shift a little slow. which makes the whole gear change experience not as gratifying as i had hoped. the interior's nice with all the latest toys including keyless ignition, backup camera and bose audio, but it was a little crowded and the rear seat space does not have enough headroom for people taller than 5'10. the salesman from bimmer couldn't provide a bigger contrast. he was a complete dimwit. didn't even know how to operate the paddle shift for gear change. and tried to make up for his ignorance with cheesy lines and stupid jokes. just shut up already. they didn't have a 3 coupe with stick drive so we tested the 335xi automatic with paddle shift. and i hate to say this although the car looked a little plain compare to the g37 boy did it drive like a dream. the power's more apparent than the g37 and the acceleration even better (if that's possible). driving along the charles river it f**king blew everything away. the automatic shift was smooth and the paddle shift was wicked fun. you just push or pull and the gear changes accordingly without delay. didn't get to play with the i-drive too much. the interior's definitely feels roomier but it doesn't have all the bell and whistles as the g37. so now i'm left somewhat confused. i had stick shift before and it was great fun but having drove on comm ave today when it's busy i have to admit it's probably not the most practical solution in boston. at least not as a first car. all that start and stop just kills you if not your clutch alreeady. on the other hand, the automatic with paddle shift's becoming more attractive. it's easy to drive and you can still have some fun. mnnn... will try the 3 coupe with stick as well as the g37 automatic before drawing a conclusion. but overall the bimmer to me's the better car. it just feels that bit more powerful, controlled and effortless, even if that g37 is one sexy beast to look at. the jury's out.
her money money, she makin' makin'
look at the way she shakin' shakin'
make you want to touch it, make you want to taste it
have you lustin' for her, go crazy face it
now don't stop, get it, get it
the way she shakin' make you want to hit it
think she double jointed from the way she splitted.

another beatles classic.

thought i'd been in love before,
but in my heart i wanted more
seems like all i really was doing
was waiting for you

it's real love
yes it's real, yes it's real love......

honey and the moon 10/09/2007 00:31
don't know why i'm still afraid,
if you weren't real
i would make you up....now.
i know that your love is true
and deep as the sea
but right now everything you want is wrong,


we're made out of blood and rust,
looking for someone to trust without....a fight
i think that you came too soon,
you're the honey and the moon
that lights up my night

what amazing lyrics....

well, in the odd chance that you are reading this... i hope you've found your honey and the moon, and above all, that you are happy.

Here comes the sun 10/06/2007 22:10
sitting out in Harvard Square on a swell day, along came the sound of this timeless song. makes you just want to pick up a guitar and jam along. what a beauty!

1. sex is good for your health. when done properly, it can even stop you from getting shot.

2. want to woo a girl, get a dangerous job, be good in the sack, and then surprised her with your little attentiveness (gifts in the form a quail egg sized diamond's a plus).

3. make love not war.

peace out.
Fall at your feet 9/26/2007 02:24
When Paul McCartney was asked once during an interview what it felt like to be the greatest song writer alive, he replied "I'm not....Neil Finn is."

Fall At Your Feet

--- Crowded House

I'm really close tonight
And I feel like I'm moving inside her
Laying in the dark
And I think that I'm beginning to know her
Let it go
I'll be there when you call

And whenever I fall at your feet
You let your tears rain down on me
Whenever I touch your slow turning pain

You're hiding from me now
There's something in the way that you're talking
The words don't sound right
But I hear them all moving inside you, go
I'll be waiting when you call

Hey and whenever I fall at your feet
you let your tears rain down on me
Whenever I touch your slow turning pain

yummy chicago: 祖 9/10/2007 05:51
let me just say gordon ramsey would have a stroke if he ever have to work in the kitchen there. the menu has literally over 100 dishes from pan-asia background. their famous asian fresh fruit freezes were very good, especially on a hot day. i had the 西瓜什果冰. for $3.5 it was huge and has mango, melon and pineapple in it. here's their proper drink list. see for yourself the variety they have.


we ordered 咸
took friends to the signature room which is located on the 95th floor of the john hancock center, just one floor below the observation deck. it offers a spectacular view of the down town chicago as well as the lake michigan. you could go there for drinks, lunch or dinner. if dinner is what you have in mind, reservation can be made online at its website and is probably a good idea unless you like to wait around for open tables.

we made reservation the day before and the only option left was for 5:30. on the day though this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the south side of the restaurant had the best view and we managed to grab the last table. a direct elevator took us from ground floor to the 95th in less than a minute. and having a dinner reservation meant you could bypass the long waiting line for the bar which was kinda cool. the pre-dinner drinks were nice. i had a boring g&t as usual. one of the girls ordered a pina colada that came in a slush sort fashion and was nice. for starter we had the special of the day which was the seafood tower to share and it was simply amazing. lobster tails, jumbo shrimps, alaskan king crab, and oysters. all came as fresh as can be, with a touch of lemon juice, really really satisfying. for main course i had the slow oven roasted rack of lamb with a horseradish dill gnocchi and poached artichokes which was gorgeous. others ordered the scallop, the surf and turf and the new york strip. i tried a bit of each and they were all pretty solid. for desert the black and white chocolate mousse cake was a must have, although you could easily get disuaded by the tahitian vanilla creme brulee instead. the salty almond torte didn't sit well with the girls as it was kinda funky in its flavors with all that mixing of saltiness and dark chocolate taste.

we arrived when the sun was still up, and as the evening went on there came the beautiful sun set only to be replaced by the even more gorgeous sparkling city lights. of course, you are going to pay a bit of a premium for a location like this. and the bill when all was said and done came to over 600 smacks. it certainly aren't cheap. but with that pictureque view, the delicious food, and the warm company .... the memory of the night (as they say)......priceless. highly recommended for that special occasion.

p.s. i "borrowed" a picture from google image. incidentally the table in the center of the picture was where we sat and it was da bomb.
In the Sun 1/24/2007 20:05
很久没有弹吉它了, 一会儿的时候手指就已经生疼。 贴上一首我喜欢的歌。
like its simple chords and the beautiful lyrics.

p.s. ignore th stupid mtv. couldn't find the original for some reason.

In the Sun - Joseph Arthur

I picture you in the sun wondering what went wrong
And falling down on your knees asking for sympathy
And being caught in between all you wish for and all you seen
And trying to find anything you can feel that you can believe in

May gods love be with you
May gods love be with you

I know I would apologize if I could see your eyes
cause when you showed me myself I became someone else
But I was caught in between all you wish for and all you need
I picture you fast asleep
A nightmare comes
You cant keep awake

May gods love be with you
May gods love be with you

cause if I find
If I find my own way
How much will I find
If I find
If I find my own way
How much will I find

I dont know anymorehttp://www.shenghuonet.com/blog/bbcode_box/images/flash.gif
What its for
Im not even sure
If there is anyone who is in the sun
Will you help me to understand
cause I been caught in between all I wish for and all I need
Maybe youre not even sure what its for
Any more than me

May gods love be with you
May gods love be with you [/flash]
一生何求 1/23/2007 21:15
虽然知道, 人生有所得也有所失是基本的道理。 可是暮然回首里,却还是那番迷茫依旧。 拾起久违的吉它,弹起这首曾经熟悉的曲子, 依此纪念逝去的时候。



小时候的故事 12/15/2006 23:32
今天听同事聊圣诞节礼物, 说要给孩子买wii,cross country ski, 等等, 觉得现在的孩子们很幸福。 回想起自己的童年时代, 觉得小时候虽然没有HDTV, PS3, internet, 麦当劳。可是却有那一份朴实的满足感, 更让人珍惜生活中点点滴滴而带来的快乐。

八十年代的时候买什么东西都要凭票子。比如说买油要凭油票。所以家里会经常买快肥肉用来熬油。而熬剩下来的东西就是我童年时候的最爱。。。猪油渣。刚起锅, 带着吃吃的响声和香味, 趁热撒点盐,又脆又嫩, 那滋味真的没有话说。 左邻右舍知道我的所好, 所以每次熬油的时候就会喊我一声。 我就会捧着小碗乖乖的做在板凳上等着。。。。 那份幸福感是N年以后的先在无法找到的。 我快乐的童年时代! Laughing
yummy boston: Toro 12/13/2006 21:24
trendy spanish tapas bar on washington st. 趴车方便但也有valet. 气氛很热闹... and a lot of TABs as one of my korean boss would call them. i guess perfect for a FOB like me. assorted tapas dishes, great varieties, decent price and all very delicious. round together a few friends and get the booze flowing and you've got yourself a perfect hang out place after work. highly recommended!

牛 牛 牛 牛 牛
yummy boston: Lala Rokh 12/13/2006 21:03
在beacon hill上的波斯风味餐馆。 停车只有valet. 其实最好的办法是把车停在boston common然后走过去。 因为beacon hill的单行道实在是个maze. 餐馆地方不大, 墙上都是古老的波斯袍子。据说有百年历史。 starter是各式的mazze. 味道可以。 但都像paste一样, 没有texture. main course选了slowly cooked lamb with basmati rice. very tasty but also very cooked, leaving nothing to chew on. in fact you can probably eat the whole meal with just your gums. worth checking it out and highly recommended for your grandad and grandma.
much raved french/cambodian establishment. 在beacon和park drive的交界处。 停车比较方便。 upscale atmosphere and extremely busy. 最好预订位子。照着名字我原来以为是fusion food. 看了menu才发现french和cambodian dishes were seperated which was dissapointing. starter选了assorted pate and terrine. 味道一般。 main course要了braised duck a la cambodian style. 味道有点像红烧加八宝鸭子。 乱七八糟东西也少尾多了点。 五香, 八卦, 红枣, 杏仁。。。。剩下的鸭子就没有多少了。 还觉得有点窜味的感觉。dessert was the high light. flan au noix de coco. a creme caramel flavoured with coconut mild and fresh coconut pieces garnished with kiwi fruit. it was addictively good. a must try for the ladies. all in all, not terribly impressed, especially if you are expecting cutting edge fusion cuisine. 而且价钱也不菲。 但有tasting menu 3 courses for 30 bucks or 4 for 40, which may be worth while trying. 后来听朋友说去那里最好stick to the french dishes. 还有canard a l'orange was very good. 不知生活网上的connnoisseur们有没有同感? 还有个好处是走路可以到fenway 13。 way better cinema than circle.
挺有名气的一家french bistro. 取名于chef gordon hamersley. 在tremont st所以开车的话最好valet。 地方不大。 nice bistro atmosphere, warm and buzzing with activity. 夏天的话可以坐在court yard里, perfect for a romantic night out. menu根据季节而变, 取材于时令的produce. starter选的是crispy duck confit with roasted pear. 外脆里嫩, cooked to perfection with a rich port wine sauce. a must have for any serious duck lovers. main course选了halibut and clams with bacon braised greens and black trumpet mushrooms. 原汁原味, lip smackingly gorgeous. nice wine list too. 和朋友选酒的时候看到价钱12-15dollars....nice price!....再看原来是一杯的价钱....mnnn..."really nice price". dessert要了chocolate banana mousse cake and it was yum. overall a really wonderful meal. highly recommended!

牛 牛 牛 牛 牛
感恩节之夜 11/23/2006 21:47
波士顿的又一家steak house. 在arlington街上很有历史的一幢大楼里, 但具体什么历史就说不准了。 starter 是很不错的maryland lump crab cake. 肉多而且厚。 main course叫了rack of lamb, medium. very tasty 而且外脆里嫩, 口感很好。可惜不能捧着骨头大啃一番。 然后是chocolate cake和咖啡。 我喜欢餐后的那杯咖啡, 加很多的cream, 不放糖。 一点的苦涩正好洗去嘴里油腻的味道. 和朋友道了晚安,开车驶过downtown波士顿。 深秋的都市, 灯火斓珊,却以没有了那份蓦然回首的感觉。
yummy boston 11/14/2006 22:18

a great web site for those enjoy a good meal.
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