Pompano For Sale 5/18/2011 16:19
It is fun to watch these catholic feasts in North End, or so called "Little Italy". The passed weekend, it is Feast of Saint Agrippina di Mineo . We experienced the Procession of the Statue of Saint Agrippina, carried by marchinig bands.

The marching band




The back of the Saint


The flags

The carriers


楼上掉钱下来啦 II

Stop in front of Old North Church





Inside of the San Francis Church in North End
In Summer , every Sunday there's outdoor market in SOWA. I went to check it out yesterday and find some interesting stuff:

SoWa Open Market on Sundays

The Antique makret next door

Inside the Antique market

What's that vegetable?

A purple chilly pepper
JF Kennedy's BirthPlace 7/18/2009 17:13

The old Phone

The 2nd house Joe/Rose lived, which is several blocks away.
This house served as George Washington's Continental Army HQ in Revoluationary War

the Garden

Laundry Room, 搓衣板

Dining room

George Washington

周日晚FB记 7/13/2009 16:58



Portugese Seafood, yummy

Boston Pride Parade Pix 6/13/2009 20:59

It's in Fan Pier, Boston,

The Green Dragon

The sailboat and Boston skyline

The College Race

Patriot's Day Parade 4/20/2009 09:54
I was passing by City Hall thie morning and witnessed the start of the Patriot's day parade:

The Continental Army


The original 13 state's flags

The Parade

After no tennis for half year, I played this evening. It is so great! happy happy
126->119 3/14/2009 09:04
想了一想,近半年来皮带孔快用完了,而且应再打两个洞啦。人确实瘦了不少。打完球后,骑自行车到MIT Gym,用大秤一量, 体重从半年前的126磅降到了119磅。

1. 从8月开始,骑自行车上班,风雨无阻
2. 吃了早饭再出门上班。原来是到单位再吃。
3. 7点之前吃完晚饭。夏天打网球多,经常9点吃晚餐,吃完就该睡觉 啦。
4. 下馆子少了。搜索记忆,近半年确实少有下馆子。
5. 免费餐少了。10月以前,公司经常开会后有吃的。应为经济危机,这些全没了。还是自己做的营养健康。
6. 这个冬天XC滑雪和滑冰很多,高山滑雪减少。想了想,XC滑雪和滑冰是一直在动着。高山滑雪是走走停停。
报税 2/26/2009 22:10
今天算完了联邦税。欠了Uncle Sam 一些钱,很开心。 Success Success Success
明年争取欠更多 happy happy happy happy
Another XC Weekend 2/24/2009 16:42
Sat: I went to Harold Parker State Forest ski:

It is about half hour north of Boston. Since it snowed on Thurs, there's some good snow coverage in the park. I arrived the park around 11am and parked in the park's headquarter. I skiied on the following paths:
Bradford Pond Rd -> harold Parker Rd -> Salem Pond.

The snow condition in the trails are ok. However, the snow on the frozen salem Pond is good. I skiied there for quite a while and carved out some fresh tracks. Very enjoyable.

The trails signs/markers in the park is poor. It's hard to find the trails. I don't recommend this park to the people who's not good on directions.

Sunday: Bear Brook State Park, NH

There are much more snow in this park than the parks in MA. The powder is terrific!

The first trail I skiied is the the Bear Book Trail. It goes along the namestake of the park: Bear Book -- Beautiful!

The Trail along Bear Brook

I would love to revisit this trail later on.
Warning: This is a narrow trail along the cliffs. It is not suitable for beginners.

After that, I went along XC trail 1. On the way, I saw a bunch of ATV runners play in the snow/dirt field.

African Movie 2/19/2009 22:47
Tonight, I watched the first African movie in my life. It is very interesting..
Due to the Rain on Thursday in New England, the downhill slope was icy and snow condition is mostly granular. We went for XC ski in the White Mountains and tried to get some good snow in the forest.

We arrived the National Forest Information Center in Conway around noon, Sunday. After pick up some maps, we drove to our first planned trailhead -- Rocky Gorge:

It is a sunny beautiful day. However, since the XC ski trail is heavily packed by the hikers, it is icy and hard to control. After a quick huddle, we decided to go to a commercial XC area -- King Pine.

The groomed and grooved trails is in much better condition. The trails in King Pine are around a lake. The lake is skiiable:

We skiied there till sunset.
周末XC 滑雪记 2/09/2009 15:51
I had another great XC ski weekend. The storm on Wed made sure the snow condition in MA is good.

We went to Middelsex Fells Reservation, which is inside of I-95. There's plenty snow on ground. However, the bike path -- the mail trail in the park, is packed down by too many people. The ski tracks there is not optimal. However, the ski tracks over the lake is fatanstic with powdery snow -- well, it's kind of illegal to ski on the lake.

I skiied a loop around the North Reservior. The north/east side of the lake is bit more hilly than the south/west side. Then, we skiied south, bypassed the Middle reservior and hit the northeast side of the south reservior.

it is approximately 4 miles ski for me.
After that, I ice skated for another hour, happy happy


I went to south shore to check out the Wompatuck State Park. Even though the temperature hit 50 degree, with the deep base on the ground and the protection fo the forest, the snow consition is great.

The West side of the park is designated for XC skiiers. However, the east side is for the snowmobilers. So, if you ski there, stay clear in the west part of the park.

The park has good signs at the trail junctions. So, it is easy to find the way support support

I started from the Visitor Center and headed southeast direction. I reached the campground in about one hour. On the way back to parking lot, I took a loop by stay close to the west border of the park.

Overall, I skied about 6 miles. The park is relatively flat, even compare to Middlesex reservation. However, it has a better trail system than Middlesex.

It is so nice to be out with nature in such a beautiful winter weekend! happy happy
Ski resorts Comment 1/29/2009 18:18
There are 4 new ski Mtns I skiied this season. Before I forgot the details of them, I'll record my experience there and hopefully to be useful to fellow skiers/riders.

[1] Sugarbush
We skiied in Sugarbush on Sunday, Jan 11th. It was an excellent powder day. The fluffy powder is just everywhere. Sugarbush is famous for it's moguls. So, the grooming is not that good. If you want a nice cruiser, this mtn probably is not for you.

The blue trails under the Gatehouse express Quad is good for advanced beginners and intermediate skiers.

Castler Rock Peak has great black diamond trails. I spent most of my time there. If you like challenge, Liftline/Rumble are terrific choices.

On Lincoln Peak, Ripcord is a fun double diamond. Paradise is wide and beautiful.

The left side of the mountain, I only skiied down Steins Run, a double black, which is so so compared to Castlerock peak runs.

Overrall, this is a big mountain with good snow and a lot of options.
What a nice XC Ski day! 1/24/2009 17:38
As usual, I got up early on Sat morning. I went to Londonderry, NH. There's a very nice groomed XC ski trail : Mammonth X-Country Ski Trails:

It goes around 2 Orchards, very beautiful.

After a delicious Dim Sum lunch in Chinatown, I went to Soldiers Field. There are still more than a ft of snow on the ground and some nice ski tracks. The frozen Charles River is pretty. I skied along the river bank till sunset. happy happy happy

What a beautiful Ski day to finish the year of Rat! Success Success Success
Battle Rd


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