Is it too much? 10/30/2007 07:15
Sunday ...

Got up at 7AM to meet new friends at BU gym to start a new sport: badminton. Oh, my God, I never know the new sport can make me sweat! I'm the only one on court who did not wear shorts oops . After badminton friends left at 11AM, I started playing squash alone until 12:15PM. A friend called and we had a traditional Chinese lunch at a walking distance. I left at 2:00PM to join 小易's golf.
But unfortunately, I got in heavy traffic around Harford area. I had to adjust my plan - I drove to Tuffs to play Volleyball. When I got into the Gym, no Volleyball players were in the Gym. Good lucky of me Laughing . There were 9 basketball players there. So I changed my plan again to join them to play 5:5 full court. I left the basketball court at 5:30PM heading home. After getting off Route 2, I should go south to home, I went east instead. A minute later, I arrived a Golf driving ranch. The owner said it's only 20 minutes left before it closed and he would only sell me a middle-size basket of balls. frustrated I insisted and finally got a jumbo. I finished the largest basket of golf balls before dark and I was the second to last to leave the court.

Monday morning, I felt that I execised a little too much. Laughing
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