Insanity 12/18/2012 12:08

Four people were killed in February, 2001 when Attias, then an 18-year-old freshman at UC Santa Barbara, gunned his Saab into a crowd. He was convicted of four counts of murder, but found insane.
The cliff jump 12/04/2012 12:17
祝你好运 祝你好运 祝你好运

Big Ben will be in deep trouble if the cliff jump becomes a reality.

支持 O 的主要包括城市居民,女性,30岁以下,西裔,African American,犹太人,在过去4年内经济状况有所改善的,以及 gay and lesbian。

支持 R 的主要包括白人(男的比例比女大),60岁以上,郊区和农村的选民,以及在过去4年内经济状况未得到改善的人。

令人不解的是,为什么很多华裔支持 O?
race 11/06/2012 21:49
It looks like the Dems will win the presidency, the House, and the Senate tonight. 狂笑

I am so detached from the American political reality. Time to re-adjust. 天啊

Hurricane 10/28/2012 22:46
A colleague forwarded this joke to me:

Q: Why hurricanes are named after woman?

A: Because they all come wet and wild, and when they leave, they take your house and car.
O wins tonight 10/16/2012 22:44
O wins.

Just tell outright lies and you will be on top.
53% v.s. 47% 10/06/2012 01:00
To borrow Goldman Saches CEO's famous saying, it does not matter whether you really belong to 53 or 47, as long as you think you belong to the 47%.

The very fact that this race is close speaks of the precarious condition of this country. I hope O quits so his followers can open their eyes.

apple 和三星 8/27/2012 16:08
Apple 这次有点儿过了。

13000 episode N+1 8/17/2012 15:13

祝你好运 祝你好运 祝你好运
Hungers Game and Olympic 8/17/2012 12:47
Just saw a piece of news on CNN of smartphone makers using metals from Africa to make "blood phone". The footage of the mines reminds me of the opening scene of the movie Hungers Game.

And the Olympics is just like a show in the movie. And the "wars", the "conflicts" in the world, aren't they just other shows used by the elites to divide and conquer?

"Politicians in both London and Washington are questioning whether regulators allowed banks to report false rates in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis and afterward. On Monday, Congress stepped into the fray, requesting information about the role of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, according to people close to the matter. The Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday also announced it was looking into the issue."

John Roberts got my 牛 today. If there is one thing that Bush did right, it is that he 选对了首席大法官。This country needs such man of principle.

我觉得今天 O 是最 surprise 的。
Nice phone.

Added to my Fed comedy central reading collection.
Anyone (or your friend) interested in a 6 month contractor position in Broomfield Colorado please send me a message.

This is a system test engineer position, 3 years experience minimal, and familiar with SA and GI headend equipments preferred.

Competitive salary and compensation package. The position needs to be filled asap, like yesterday.
13000 episode N 3/01/2012 16:16
One trillion Euros cannot even sustain Dow above 13000. Enough said.

900, here it comes. 祝你好运 祝你好运 祝你好运
13000 2/16/2012 17:04
Dow 13000 is only 100 points away.

The market is primed for a disaster.

S&P target for this year is 900.
interest rate 1/17/2012 13:10
今天 rate 又降了。


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