sleepy 8/04/2008 15:17
Feel really sleepy. The PM has a really sleepy voice.
老印 8/04/2008 09:53
还是老印 牛 啊。

a good song 8/03/2008 13:33
OMG 7/29/2008 14:55
世界太小了。 天啊 天啊 天啊 天啊 天啊
Crazy day 7/29/2008 10:51



欠揍 欠揍 欠揍 欠揍
Inflation + stagnation of income

tax dollar => bankers' profit

I am feeling robbed. Time to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to get through this rough time.

大家自求多福吧。 祝你好运
经济复苏 is over, thanks to Ben Bernanke. 牛


旅行 7/16/2008 17:08
一个对我们公司的 loyal 程度不亚于某 UI designer 的原同事一气之下真的去了西藏。

牛 了。

看来我 over-estimate 了很多事情的难度。
:-( 7/14/2008 23:26
恶梦 7/13/2008 13:34
今天多睡了几小时,结果又参加了一次语文考试,作文写跑题了,有一半的考题也没看见,直到交卷的时候才发现。 cry 打你 打你 打你

现在这么好的天,我却在家中灌水,自虐啊。 打你
旅行的意义 7/11/2008 14:49
It makes at least two people very creative again. 崇拜 崇拜

And it makes at least one person want to travel again. 收到
忘记开会了 7/10/2008 09:34
今天睡过了头,没参加成早上的会。 frustrated
This place is too quiet today, so is my working place.

The cat narrowly escapes the death, but it is sleeping soundly and nobody knows when s/he will wake up.

Time to leave the market for a while and take some vacation.
the pattern of 抽风 7/02/2008 16:27
有些人喜欢每天 4:30 左右 send out request,and he knows very well that such request demands the coordination of many people, and around this hour many people have already headed back home.

The same 人喜欢在节前 send out very complicated request,and he know very well nobody will work on it before the holiday.

I guess he just want to be an elohssa.
My boss 7/01/2008 14:32
is a very good person. 牛
壮观的梦 6/30/2008 12:23
昨晚作了一个甚为壮观的梦, confused ,记录一下。


然后我就醒了,醒之前好象还在质疑为什么发射台没有设在平台的正中。 confused

太壮观了。声色并貌,还有不少 colorful 的细节。总之就是一种特别爽的感觉。

confused ,怎么会作这种梦呢。与我的日有所思一点不香干啊?
10 best movies 6/27/2008 01:33
It seems this is a ten-best-movie-I-have-ever-watched-day.

So here they are:

1. When the Last Sword is Drawn

I can watch movie over and over again, esp. with a little bit of alchole. The characters in this movie are simply perfect, and its music score is the best.

2. Collateral

I watched this movie when attending some meanlingless corp. gathering in Montreal. It was shown in AMC 22 (subway stop Atwater). There is a really nice Italian restaurant in the theater. When I was there last time, a waiter came by and ask whether I am in the restaurant business. 狂笑 . A real compliment, but he should be fired.

3. Sideways

This movie is so charming. And I guess it take someone who's spent some time in Santa Barbara to fully enjoy this movie. I want to drive on highway 101 again.

4. The Training Day

Again, this is a Californian movie.

5. Catch Me if You Can

That's right, catch me if you can.

6. A Beautiful Mind

Mathematicians think differently.

7. Lust Caution

A great and delicate movie of the WWII genre. The music score of this movie deserves an Oscar Award, period.

8. The Shawshank Redemption

No country for old man replayed, more than 10 years ago. "Get busy living, or get busy dying."

9. Cinderella Man

Yeah, I like the Great Recession. You have to fight.

10. The Last Samurai

There is no reason that China cannot achieve what Japan has already achieved.
老板的老板 6/26/2008 15:26
is not as good as 老板。 打你
The last round of panic selling before the full recovery.

US bankers are good. It only takes them 6 monthes to shift the mess from themselves to the rest of the economy. 牛 牛 牛
sleep 6/25/2008 01:17

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