Somebody that obm is not 3/12/2009 00:10
music by 3/01/2009 15:10

music by 3/01/2009 14:51

Milton Friedman revisted 2/23/2009 20:10

Zucchero 1/26/2009 00:07

日本人 1/21/2009 18:57
今天听讲座,看到几个日本人,都应该快五十了,在大公司里打拼多年,但又瘦又矍铄,作报告思维也不混乱,完全弥补了英语的不足。回答问题时也很恰到好处。 牛

早餐和中餐都和大家一起吃美国的 junk food。

鬼子保持身体健康确实有一套。 牛
Whatever 1/15/2009 21:01

2009年,是经济危机发展壮大的一年。魔法师 obm 进退两难:搞社会主义,缺乏能力和经验;搞资本主义,缺乏能力和经验。在 change 的羊头下,新政府将继续炮制狗肉,仰仗以 Big Ben 和泡森集团为首的一群乌合之众印假钞作假账,把全世界(包括美国)劳动人民的财富转变为不劳而获者的财富。

前途是黑暗的,道路亦是曲折的。盲人骑瞎马,夜半临深池。居危思危,依据资本主义经济学家 utility 最大化的理论,作为挣工资的良民,在新的一年里,能做的也就是游山玩水,静观其变了。 今天听说宾州的州政府由于预算紧张,计划关闭州内所有的 public library。National park 是不是也会因为经费紧张而将收费站拆除呢? In a time of tumoil, anything is possible.

言归正传。鉴于经济形势 is nowhere close to recovery, but hyper-inflation is on the horizon,当务之急,就是 maitain purchasing power。而 purchasing power 的最主要的 component 就是身体。无论是革命还是反革命,没有身体都是不行的。人乃胜利之本。With proper excercise and a diversified diet, a 民工 can remain healthy longer than the economy remains irrational and insolvent. With 健康的肉体和灵魂,民工们可以 hunker down and wait out this depressive storm.

凯恩斯说:In the long run, we are all dead. Therefore, we should treasure each and every day. Never lose hope, be happy, and worry.

Let's all pray for the coming back of common sense, and bad luck for the market manipulators, may their souls suffer in unease.

北上滑雪 12/25/2008 23:14

Beethoven - Appassionata 12/16/2008 23:44
The Fed's move today. 12/16/2008 15:40
Cutting rate is no news. Planning to buy treasure is.

狂笑 狂笑 狂笑

Why not just setup a National Credit Union and start to buy both Fed and Treasure? And then setup a National Bank of Trash and buy NCU and Fed and Treasure. confused confused confused Why letting the imagination stop at the Fed and Treasure. confused

Sadly, the rest of the world is not stupid. Euro has just finished its biggest weekly gain against USD. Move money from your right hand to the left hand does not increase the wealth, as Big Ben knows. 祝你好运
The Carol of the Bells 12/10/2008 23:40

Beyond BS 12/10/2008 12:05
Today's market

The way some of my colleagues behave
Sure 12/08/2008 16:32
After painstakingly explain to some id io t why something cannot be done, the id io t, relying on nothing but his position, openly challenge me again during a meeting if I can do it.

Sure. The mess will be on your plate soon, and your position will be help to off-load it. I have done my part.

Can obm walk on water?

No he cannot.

今天的经济形势 11/20/2008 16:42

A holidy rally will start soon and extend to Jan, when our omnipotent president elect obm takes office and fix everything.

obm bless america. 祝你好运
1.99 11/17/2008 18:06
Long Tai Lang made a correct prediction. 牛 牛 牛
the other project 11/14/2008 12:49
兴高采烈的发了一封 email,
SPM 冷静的回了一封信,
And by the way,
send me the report on the other project. 收到 崇拜

Now he has to change his schedule,
that got to be very difficult.

It is my fault. 祝你好运
今天的经济形式 11/12/2008 17:06
Near term 今明差不多就是底了。

Long term 应该还没有到,因为不少公司的 chief eating officer 还没有完全 panic。
阿呆和阿瓜 11/12/2008 11:47
两个老兄琢磨了一个 quarter,听取了特殊 committee 和价格昂贵的花儿街 consultant 的意见,终于决定把最能干活的先裁掉,把即将开始挣钱的项目先砍掉,继续往一群骗子编造出来的项目里砸钱,然后让剩下的人加班加点的瞎折腾。


这俩人为啥不开辆 GM 的 Van 去花儿街旅行呢? confused
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