Hello 2006!!! 1/29/2006 13:31
It's a new world, it's a new start! Bryan Adam's song is still in my mind!

I can't imagine how wonderful party last night it was! Thank God, I knew shenghuonet last year and it brings me tons of fun and a bunch of great friends!

Happy New Year to me and all my friends!!!!

thinkhard at 1/29/2006 13:53 快速引用
呵呵,应该感谢生活网让你成为波士顿的“金童” Laughing support
Gesmy at 1/29/2006 14:23 快速引用
Gesmy :
呵呵,应该感谢生活网让你成为波士顿的“金童” Laughing support
tigerphd at 1/29/2006 16:00 快速引用
Best wishes to my friends out there! Success
ranger at 1/30/2006 11:23 快速引用
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