citizenship republic (zt) 2/07/2006 04:22

If the United States is not a democracy, what is it? The USA was founded as a Citizenship Republic "And to the Republic for which it stands..." Over the years, beginning with the Lincoln Administration of the 1860's ideas of socialism, democracy and increasingly during the 20th Century, fascism have been thrown in. In reality, the United States has not been a pure Republic, that is if you happened to be a white male American, since Lincoln. (Because of slavery, our ethnic cleansing of the American Indians and the absence of Women's rights, we've never been a true republic for all. These policies fall under fascism). The blocking of the cessation of the Southern States, a constitutional and declaration right, ended the pure republic and is the first time a President swept the Constitution aside in favor of an agenda.

Most Americans think the Civil War was fought to free the slaves. In reality this was an after thought, which sounded better than keeping control of the rich agricultural lands and natural resources of the Southern United States. It was fought to prevent the Southern States from ceding the Union, which is why you'll find in the South, the Civil War is often referred to as "The War of Northern Aggression," a correct description. However, history is always written by the winners and freeing the slaves, a noble and righteous outcome of this war, plays much better than preventing the formation of two countries. It also makes us feel better about the bloodiest war in US history. History as we are taught, and reality often contradict each other. This is true for every war, including World War II, Viet Nam and our current endeavors.

This article was originally written in mid 2002 and at that time we were researching political structures based on the actions of a specific US ally claiming to be a democracy. A strong inconsistency became clear between public statements and actions. Actions and Statements contradicted each other daily. We wondered how they could be a "Democracy" or even a "Republic" yet never bother to draft and approve a Constitution in fifty-eight years of existence. This confusion led us to research all government structures to cut through the propaganda being thrown at us. Perhaps we missed something in Civics or Political Science 101? Digging deeper, based upon their laws, actions and policies this ally in fact is not a democracy by any means. Its true government structures is a fascist-military-theocracy for the majority and a theocratic-military-republic for the preferred class fortified with healthy dose of US funded socialism shared by the preferred class of citizens only.

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