yummy boston: grill 23 and bar 9/15/2006 00:13
went to grill 23 and bar. supposely one of the top joints around at the moment. very warm and cozy atmosphere. the steak tartare melted right in your mouth. sun dried tomato and onion bread was really nice too. their signature dry aged steak was good but not as tasty as ruth's. oh and one of the best creme brulee i've had this side of the pond. highly recommended.
老兄对西餐很有研究啊 牛
tutu at 9/15/2006 13:42 快速引用
这么好吃,俺也要去...... tongue tongue
breezy at 9/15/2006 15:08 快速引用
tutu :
老兄对西餐很有研究啊 牛

哈哈。没有。只是觉得既然来了一个地方, 就应该好好享受一下当地的土特产。
leefd at 9/15/2006 21:58 快速引用
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