My favourate iron chef show 3/18/2008 23:07
Part 4 of the show, the presentation starts at the 7th minute.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5
Michiba, Gam ba Dei!!!! Jap food looks more healthy than the buttery French food.
豆豆 at 3/18/2008 23:27 快速引用
开会 at 3/18/2008 23:28 快速引用
oh man. iron chef got me through so many hungry and lonely nights when i first came to this country. 哎。 往事不堪回首啊。真可惜food channel不再重播了。 cry
leefd at 3/19/2008 00:23 快速引用
顶到顶上谗谗人. tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue


想想吧? 以前宗教贴就是最大的坑了, 这回加上了政治 - 政教坑, 坑死人.

wildcrane at 3/19/2008 11:30 快速引用
营养没多少, 麻烦得紧
simple at 3/22/2008 14:44 快速引用
正好可以用来建肥。 牛

simple :
营养没多少, 麻烦得紧
Johann at 3/22/2008 18:31 快速引用
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