SteamBoat Springs 4/11/2008 17:02
Steamboat Springs located in north central Colorado. It is nicknamed as Ski Town USA. It made more Olympian skiiers than any other towns in North America.

The weekend of April 5-6 is the last weekend of the ski resorts winter operation. We took advantage of the season end special offer and enjoyed 3 days pure powder ski!!! happy happy

Hotel: Rabbit Ear Motel in downtown SteamBoat Springs. $177.00 for one 2 beds room. The hotel is 5 minutes bus ride to the Gondola Square, very convenient.

Lift tickets: $86 for 2 days (Sat/Sun), plus free for Friday afternoon. Essentially, 86 bucks for 3 days ski.

Car Rental: $83 for 4 days (w/o insurance) from DEN. A very good deal.

We left Boston in the evening and arrived Denver at night. We stayed in a cheap motel in Denver.

We got up early and arrived Steamboat in about 3 hours at 10:30am. After a quick check of the Gondona Sq and the village, we had lunch and got ready for the 12:00pm start of afternoon ski. It was a Sunny beautiful day. The Powder is great, due to the previous day's snowstorm. We experienced the best powder ski of life. Since it's spring time, the ski area close later than winter at 4:45pm. We had 5 hours non-stop fun in the big mountain.

In the evening, we had a nice dinner in downtown Steamboat and enjoyed the Hot Springs pool which is next door to our hotel. The hot Springs is very mind and body relaxing. Life is good!!! Success Success

It was cloudy and some of the lower mountain got icy. We stayed pretty much on the upper mountain which still has the legendary fluffy powder. We skiied from open till close: 8:30am to 4:45pm. happy happy

Another Sunny day. Better yet, last night, we got over 6 inches of fresh powder in the mountain, Yee Haa!!!! I skiied mostly in the Pioneer Ridge (Extreme Terrain). The powder is so good that I can try all the steep and narrow chutes without worrying to be hurt. The vertical drop of one single run is about 2800 ft, which takes quite a while to ski down from the top to the base of the lift line. At the same time, I can pretty much cut out my own trail on each run, oh, Yee!!!!

Because it is the last day of the season, the ski area closed early at 3pm. It hosted a free concert in the base and a Skimjump competition -- Very FUN.

It was snowing hard. Our plan was to drive to Winter Park -- another legendary ski resort in the Summit County. However, due to the bad road condition (slush and slippery), we had to change our plan. We took a relatively flat road to get to I-70. I was hoped that I could get to Interstate early and ski in Copper Mountain -- one of my favorite ski resorts in Colorado. However, the road condition is so terrible, when we reached Vail Pass, it's alread noon.
Anyhow, that day is not a good day to be skiing. All the ski mountains we drove by are covered by heavy snow/fog. The next day will be a gorgeous powder day -- Unfortunately, we will be working in Boston frustrated frustrated
It took us more than 7 hours to drive from Steamboat to suburb Denver. Compare to less than 3 hour on Fri from DEN to Steamboat. We toured the Red Rock park and some geological landmark in western Denver. Plus, a quick visit to the REI flagship store in downtown Denver.
Midnight, our flight took over from DIA. Next morning, 6:30am, I was working in Boston...

What a wonderful Rockies Ski Trip!!! happy happy Success Success
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The Gondona

From the Storm Peak

SkimJuamp Competition -- Ski over a pool

Apre Ski -- Kayaking along the snow capped mountain
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The last picture is for you wink

kurtyang :
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'Apre Ski -- Kayaking along the snow capped mountain ' 牛 牛
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