WBUR - Live from Shanghai 4/19/2008 23:04
虽然反应慢了点, 大家可以到这里看看美国人的想法, 并和他们交流一下, 毕竟这是一个平台. 我们在这里用中文写和美国人没有交流. 交流希望更多的理解, 争取避免wanger说的DC那种不冷静.

CNN一事中, 许多美国人以freedom of speech为主持人辩护. 准备把这个概念好好研究一下, 搞通了.
其次, 奥运会西方国家好象希望中国政治走向西方式民主, Democracy - 另外一个需要搞清楚的概念.


Thanks for the show. I think it’s a well-worth effort to start to bring understandings, for only true understandings could avoid unnecessary conflicts.

My general comment is that: it’s true that there is a lot room to improve for the Chinese government (including relations to Tibet but not limited) just as it is true for almost all governments (here let’s not forget our war to Iraq, etc.). And taking opportunity of the Olympics to make one’s voices heard is not wrong.

However, what I think is wrong and unfair is the following: (1) Making China or Chinese government looks as if it were evil and all of our western countries upholding human ideals is totally bullshiting. When we talk about freedom of speech and democracy that we take such pride and believe that China lacks, don’t forget that Slavery remained about one hundred years after our first Constitution or really 150 years before now (while China got rid of slavery system thousands of years ago). And the two greatest theorists of democracy in American history: Thomas Jefferson defended for the slavery system in his later life, while James Madison kept quiet on the slaves issue (Dominion of Memories by Susan Dunn) which were totally against the idealism of ‘Democracy’ . Considering how we have treated the Indians in history then and now and the consequences on the Indians nowadays, I think it’s only fair that we all take the opportunity in the light of Olympic spirit to reflect on ourselves, because it is only fair to compare the native Indians in America with the Tibetans in China. It’s easy to criticize others yet it is hard to face our true nature. By saying this, I am not defending any government, but I am trying to defend both the native Indians and the Tibetans, and to do that we all human beings need deep reflections.

(2) Though Olympics has its political side, what makes it special is that it has its indepenent and unique spirit - and I believe that is “it makes statement by doing and by challenging oneself” - that’s what each athlete has been doing and why we have great respect to them and to the Olmpyic spirit. For that purpose, though it’s fair for other political groups to make their voices heard, it’s wrong to use politics to hijack Olympics - violence and governmental interference on the Olympic torch is absoultely wrong and uphold no human ideals. In my opinion, boycott is unnecessary either - because it is better to make one’s statements by doing and participating rather than refusing the opportunity.

Thanks for reading.

Posted by Elena Li at 1:41 pm on April 19th, 2008
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