The Tortoise and the Hare 7/28/2008 12:34
A rabbit and a turtle. Which one is faster?

That Aesop fable says the latter. Counter intuitive as it might seem, preservance do prevail in many cases.

When I heard this story as a child, I could not help but wonder: what if the rabbit could be more persistent...... Seriously, wouldn't that be the best case scenario? But you see, in reality rapid growing plants often wither first; bright colors fade fast; sharp people sometimes lack patience.

Turtles are often depicted as wise masters in cartoon movies, (still remember Kongfu Panda?) where the turtle symbolizes not just preservance, but also thoughtfulness, understanding, tolerance, and worldly-wisdom -- notice that none of these traits are associated with hastiness.

The worst case scenario might be lacking both the speed of the rabbit, and the preservance of the turtle. Which is exactly how I feel about my working self right now. smile
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