The war is very personal. 8/28/2008 17:15
Some quote from a manager who was called to leave of absence on duty last year. His serving term got extended for another year.

"Nearly everyone agrees that our unit has been doing a really good job and has overcome some technical problems and is actually doing good for our troops. I've been over to the troubled region twice now and I can tell you that we are fighting our own technology just as much as we are winning with it. People use the craziest stuff to build bombs. I know I owe you a letter from my command about all of this, and they promised to write one for me.

I know that you all back in the lab could have used my help, as little as it might have been, this year, but I have been told that I made a difference on this team here. What really helps is when I learn that something our team here did makes a difference to those deployed. No one group can fight this fight, it takes the whole country, believe it or not, and I don't think you hear any complaints from the troops. We are grateful for the support we have been getting."

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