Disgrace by this year's Nobel Prize winner in literature 9/28/2008 12:29
a novel by J. M. Colezio, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature.

It was published in 1999. However, I picked it up right before the book store closed.

It was raining on Saturday, or yesterday so I slept through the afternoon, waking up nonetheless extremely tired. But because I bought this text book on Investment (Solutions of Investment is the title) at Harvard Coop, and it costs me 187$. Outrageous! I have 3 days to decide whether I will keep it or will return. The answer is clear. Yesterday was the last day I could get my money back.

I dragged myself up and went to Harvard Square. I always love the rain. Harvard Square veiled in the rain and evening neon’s was kind of charming and there were people, many people regardless of rain. I felt alive again and sat through the next one and half hour in the store’ cafe trying to read a little on the investment.

The store closes at 9 pm. I made sure that at 8:45 I headed toward the textbook session and returned the book. While the clerk was getting the money back to my credit, I noticed that there was a 'story of O' laying ahead on the bookshelf, and next to it a book on computer science. I turned my head around and couldn't help noticing that I was surrounded by all kinds of books, way too many. Everything needs to be said probably has been said. Then why each one of us, is still trying to say something? I had the thought of giving up civilization altogether. Let's forget about the books, the concepts, and the human constructs; throughout our lives, we will know so little any way. Why bother? It is an illusion and will be forever an illusion that we will be on top of things. We won't. We could only adapt. The best thing we could possibly do is to adapt with a merry sprit. So be brave to face it. What we call 'progress' in the past two or three hundred years is truly turning away from facing our destiney and has been trying to change our due course. What we call 'progress' simply accelerates the course to reach out destiney - the final distinction. "Slowdown" shall be the direction, not 'progress' - that's what it is.

Yet on my way out, after the announcement that "there is 5 minutes before the store closes so please make your purchase", I picked up a book by its cover, as it always happens. And it happens that this book is the national bestseller and it is written by Coetzee, the Nobel Prize winner. Still I have not read him and this is my first encounter with him and with his stories.

How the language flows like music is often the reason that I couldn't let it go. So I walked to the counter and paid.

I also knew it would be a sleepless evening. I finished the book with one breath till 5 in the morning, in a serene evening with the pattering sound of rain.

This reminds me of the days before painting became part of routine. It used to be reading that was part of my routine and if a week passed without reading a good book, I would have this crave and yearning for a good one, and this feeling of incompleteness. Sometimes, I think people who loves desert would understand this yearning.

Of course, later this hobby was given way to painting and to surfing shenghuonet Laughing .

Anyway, I still have the yearning to do a few paintings today. In summary, I rate this book 5 *****.

And the last book Homecoming, comparatively would be 4 ****.
admire your writing 牛
Raining days always remind me the Huang Mei season at my home town. I would bike around the west lake in the rain and enjoyed the drops on my hair and face, when I was I kid.
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fresh_orange :
admire your writing 牛
Raining days always remind me the Huang Mei season at my home town. I would bike around the west lake in the rain and enjoyed the drops on my hair and face, when I was I kid.

yes, it reminded me of the days I went to school never bringing un umbrella when it was raining. and also reminded me that i probably should ride bicyle out a little now. happy

you have to read his writing to know how beautiful sentences could be - and on this front, reading is enjoying and it has no functional purpose except admiring the beauty.

a few sentences such as,
From fairest creatures we desire increase, that thereby beauty's rose might never die.

i also found 'no country for the old man' in this book, not sure if he said it first or whether it is a popular saying.

"Call no man happy untill he is dead"

And the ryhthm of the writing, is so grippling - just like a good movement in music. 崇拜
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