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Nature Writing is a genre. Many writers are mainly writing about nature and therefore are called nature writers.

My plan in this year is to read as many books as I can by nature writers. I will start from the following and expand from here. I will keep update the list throughout the year whenever I have new knowledge.

My long time thought is that there are many nature lovers - some are writers, some photographers, and some artists, and some activists, and many more. Nature lovers are sensitive about preserving the environment and biodiversity. Yet, as individual, it is very hard to put thought into action. To bring real change, it seems that there is a need to bring nature lovers together so that collectively there may bring some real change. So my thought here is while getting to know these nature lovers, I will put a list here to link them. Your contribution to this link will be greatly appreciated.

When I checked some of the following books on Amazon, I noticed that some have no reviews except the editorial review. I guess one reason is that nature writing is not a popular genre, and another is that younger generation spends more time in watching TVs and Videos, while reading books in general is out of fashion? (I am not sure.) This brings an idea to appeal by both words and images (such as photographs or sketches or paintings). This is just a thought and I'd like to hear what you think.

长期目标是将喜欢自然的作家, 摄影爱好者, 艺术爱好者, 和喜欢自然但不写不画不摄影的人联系起来. 欢迎贡献你的link.

1. John Elder
(1) Pilgrimage to Vallombrosa: From Vermont to Italy in the Footsteps of George Perkins Marsh (Under the Sign of Nature: Explorations in Ecocriticism)
(2) Reading the mountains of Home
(3) The Frog Run
(4) American Nature Writers (1985, widener in lib use)

2. Sy Montgomery
The Good Good Pig.

3. Katy Payne
Silent Thunder: In the Presense of Elephants
这个故事你们看看, 太有意思了. 以前以为大象没有语言, 就是这个女作家有一次在动物园里, 仿佛感受到了他们的底音交流. 后来果然证实, 大象交流的音频底, 我们人的耳朵听不见. 也解释了为什么先前有人已经观察到大象好象远离2英里互相有沟通.

4. Essays on Nature and Landscape
by Susan Fenimore Cooper (Author), Rochelle Johnson (Editor), Daniel Patterson (Editor), John Elder (Foreword)
Some Travel Books and Travel Writters:

An Area of Darkness, by VS Naipaul
(Finished, it's good and not good. He is a good writer but quite dark. It is complicated to say.)

Hindoo Holiday, J.R. Ackerley, 1932 (India)
A Visit to Don Otavio, Sybille Bedford, 1953 (Mexico)
The Face of Spain, Gerard Brenan, 1950
South from Granada, 1957 (Spain)
The Lost Continent, Bill Bryson, 1989 (USA)
Neither Here Nor There, 1992 (Europe)
First Russia, Then Tibet, Robert Byron, 1933
The Road to Oxiana, 1937 (Palestine, Iran & Afghanistan)
In Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin, 1977 (Argentina & Chile)
The Songlines, 1987 (Australia)
Tracks, Robyn Davidson, 1980 (Australia)
Old Calabria, Norman Douglas, 1915 (Italy)
Prospero’s Cell, Lawrence Durrell, 1945 (Corfu, Greece)
Bitter Lemons, 1957 (Cyprus)
Sicilian Carousel, 1976
Brazilian Adventure, Peter Fleming, 1933
News from Tartary, 1936
Travels with Myself and Another, Martha Gellhorn, 1978
Journey Without Maps, Graham Greene, 1936 (Liberia)
The Lawless Roads, 1939 (Mexico)
Strangers in the Forest, Eric Hansen, 1988 (Borneo)
African Calliope, Edward Hoagland, 1978 (Sudan)
English Hours, Henry James, 1905
Italian Hours, 1910
Sea and Sardinia, D.H. Lawrence, 1921
Mornings in Mexico, 1927
A Time of Gifts, Patrick Leigh Fermor, 1977 (Europe)
A Dragon Apparent, Norman Lewis, 1951 (Indo-China)
Golden Earth, 1952 (Burma)
Voices of the Old Sea, 1984 (Spain)
A Goddess in the Stones, 1992 (India)
An Empire of the East, 1994 (Indonesia)
African Silences, Peter Matthiesen, 1991
A Year in Provence, Peter Mayle, 1989 (France)
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, Henry Miller, 1945 (U.S.A.)
Apples in the Snow: A Journey to Samarkand, Geoffrey Moorehouse, 1990 (Central Asia)
OM: An Indian Pilgrimage, 1993
To the Frontier, 1984 (Pakistan)
Spain, Jan Morris, 1979
Sydney, 1992
Hong Kong, 1988
Locations, 1984 (essay collection: various)
Destinations, 1980 (same)
A Place Apart, Dervla Murphy, 1978 (Northern Ireland)
Transylvania and Beyond, 1992 (Romania)
Where the Indus is Young, 1977 (Pakistan)
Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle, 1985
The Ukimwi Road: From Kenya to Zimbabwe, 1995
North of South: An African Journey, Shiva Naipaul, 1979
Among the Believers, V.S. Naipaul, 1981 (Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia)
Beyond Belief, 1998 (same)
A Turn in the South, 1989 (USA)
A Million Mutinies Now, 1991 (India)
A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, Eric Newby, 1958 (Afghanistan)
Slowly Down the Ganges, 1966 (India)
Love and War in the Apennines, 1971 (Italy)
Round Ireland in Low Gear, 1988
Borderlines, Charles Nicholl, 1988 (Thailand & Burma)
Into the Heart of Borneo, Redmond O’Hanlon, 1985
In Trouble Again, 1988 (Brazil)
Holidays in Hell, P.J. O’Rourke, 1988 (essay collection: various)
English Journey, J.B. Priestley, 1934
Marching Spain, V.S. Pritchett, 1928
The Spanish Temper, 1954
Old Glory, Jonathan Raban, 1981 (USA)
Hunting Mister Heartbreak, 1990 (USA)
Passage to Juneau, 1999 (Alaska by sea)
The Southern Gates of Arabia, Freya Stark, 1936 (Yemen)
Baghdad Sketches, 1937
A Winter in Arabia, 1940
Alexander’s Path, from Caria to Cilicia, 1958 (Turkey)
Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck, 1961 (USA)

The Great Railway Bazaar, Paul Theroux, 1975 (London to Asia by train)
The Old Patagonian Express, 1979 (Boston to Central & South America)
The Kingdom by the Sea, 1983 (Britain)
Riding the Iron Rooster, 1988 (China)
The Happy Isles of Oceania, 1992 (South Pacific)
The Pillars of Hercules, 1995 (Mediterranean)

Arabian Sands, Wilfred Thesiger, 1959
The Marsh Arabs, 1964 (Iraq)

The Hills of Adonis, Colin Thubron, 1968 (Lebanon)
Where Nights Are Longest, 1984 (Russia)
Behind The Wall: A Journey Through China, 1988
The Lost Heart of Asia, 1994 (Central Asia)
In Siberia, 1999

Labels, Evelyn Waugh, 1930 (Mediterranean)
Remote People, 1931 (Africa)
Ninety-Two Days, 1934 (British Guiana)
Waugh in Abyssinia, 1936 (Ethiopia)

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon, Rebecca West, 1942 (Yugoslavia)
In Morocco, Edith Wharton, 1919
Europe Without Baedeker, Edmund Wilson, 1947
Slow Boats to China, Gavin Young, 1984
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Allison, Short History of Boston.

James Vrabel, When in Boston.

William Martin, Back Bay.

Brenton Simons, Witches, Rakes, and Rogues

Alfred Young, The Shoemaker and the Tea Party

Eve LaPlante, American Jezebel

Allison, The Boston Massacre

Oscar Handlin, Boston’s Immigrants.

Kerri Greenidge, Boston’s Abolitionists.

Nat Hentoff, Boston Boy.

Thomas O’Connor, Building a New Boston

Hillel Levine and Lawrence Harmon, Death of an American Jewish Community.

Ronald Formisano, Boston Against Busing.

William Martin, The Rising of the Moon.

Edwin O’Connor, The Last Hurrah.

Boston History Web-Sites

Massachusetts Historical Society www.masshist.org

Bostonian Society www.bostonhistory.org

This web-site has links to Boston neighborhood historical society web-sites; also, the photo collection is now digitized and searchable by street or by person.

Boston Public Library www.bpl.org

Historic New England www.historicnewengland.org

Formerly the Society for Preservation of New England Antiquities, Historic New England has a phenomenal photo collection, as well as several historic properties.

City of Boston http://www.cityofboston.gov

City of Boston Archives http://www.cityofboston.gov/archivesandrecords/default.asp

Interactive State House http://www.mass.gov/statehouse/massgovs.htm

Commonwealth of Massachusetts web-site http://www.mass.gov

Massachusetts State Archives http://www.sec.state.ma.us/arc/

The Archives also house the Commonwealth Museum; lots of material from the Colonial, Revolutionary, and Civil War periods; as well as census, voting, and tax records.

Boston Family History www.bostonfamilyhistory.com

This web-site has time-lines for Boston’s neighborhoods, as well as for several important ethnic groups in the city.

Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods http://www.abnboston.org/links.html

Primary Research,

Prepared by students in Beverly Public Schools http://www.primaryresearch.org/

New England Historic Genealogical Society www.newenglandancestors.org

One of the foremost repositories of genealogical information in the nation.

Archdiocese of Boston, Archives http://www.rcab.org/Archives/HomePage.html

Annotated Bibliography of Fiction Set in Boston, Gerry Richman

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