President's day Weekend XC Ski Report 2/18/2009 13:21
Due to the Rain on Thursday in New England, the downhill slope was icy and snow condition is mostly granular. We went for XC ski in the White Mountains and tried to get some good snow in the forest.

We arrived the National Forest Information Center in Conway around noon, Sunday. After pick up some maps, we drove to our first planned trailhead -- Rocky Gorge:

It is a sunny beautiful day. However, since the XC ski trail is heavily packed by the hikers, it is icy and hard to control. After a quick huddle, we decided to go to a commercial XC area -- King Pine.

The groomed and grooved trails is in much better condition. The trails in King Pine are around a lake. The lake is skiiable:

We skiied there till sunset.
Monday morning, after a hearty breakfast in the ski club house, we went to the nearby XC ski area -- Bear Notch.

This is a much larger XC ski area compare to King Pine. The northside of it is along the saco river, very scenic:

The southside the trails go up the hill, challenging but not too tough. It is really fun.

After successfully down some of the black trails, it converge with the railroad:

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looking good
seven at 2/18/2009 15:34 快速引用
Great summary and photos. We had great time. happy happy
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great pix & thanks for sharing smile
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