Off season ski 3/22/2009 23:13
After Saturday paintball fighting, met a few friends for dinner(lunch to be accurate) and forgot going skiing.

Today, after a 2-hour meeting and a big buffee lunch I drove off to skiing. Though the temp was 52F degrees and a predicted shower in the later afternoon.
The temp on the summit was around 30F. At 5PM the predicted shower turned out to be snow! Felt so good, cool. It's less than an inch anyway.

I skied about 30 rounds and the resort closes at 8PM starting today!!!
When I started ski there was wet snow, as the temp dropped the wet snow turned into ice. Even worse, there's no evening grooming! I hated it but understood because they were losing money now. All my lifts but 2 are by myself only!!!.
Thanks for sharing. support support Success Success
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