Small World!!! 4/17/2009 08:03
Small World!!!(This is REAL story happened in Marlbough, MA, USA, at that time i worked as a web developer in Fidelity Investments, the largest mutual fund company in the USA, i believe that some people here work there, too.)

Charlie: Good early morning!
A: wow, why you got up so early?
Charlie: I didn’t sleep very well, unfortunately. I wake up this morning at 2:30am and then can’t go back sleep.
B: you told me the other day that you used to work in Fidelity Investments years ago.
Charlie: Correct. It reminds me of joke. Lunch time, I met another Chinese guy, then I asked that where he comes from exactly. He said: Shandong, then I said: wow, I am from Shandong, too. What EXACTLY you are from in Shandong? Weifang! You are kidding me!! I am from Weifang, too!
I am serious!!
I am serious, too!!
Where EXACTLY are you from in Weifang?
Don’t say that you are from Linqu, too!!!
My God! Very honestly I didn’t want to say that, but in fact, I am from that county, too!!
Your surname is Song?
Of course! Your surname is Gu?
Without any dount!!!
Wow, Your parents know my parents very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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