Dokin Donuts Seriers 06/05/2009 6/05/2009 03:44
P: let's me show you something.
C: Yes?
P: Look at this picture! (He hold a newspaper "Boston Globe" and pointed a picture on front page, it showed one graduation ceremoney, the footnote below said it is in Harvard, a senoir citizen hold a young guy's hands tightly, an older lady is in between.)
C:Beautiful picture! Now tell me you know these people?
P: What are you thinking about? I don't know these guys and i show their pictue to you? I am not sick.
C: You surely got my 100% respectful solute and regards!
P: the yong guy is my cusion! and the lady is my mom!
C: WOW! That's very impressive! P, i don't believe you are 83 years old!
Your mom must be very very proud of her grandson! How old are they?
P: She is older and he is younger!
C: Come on!
P: My mom is 103 and my cusin is 26!
C: My god! You must be very proud of them!! Both of them!
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