zhuanzai: 好听的老歌。。。。 7/31/2009 08:04
ma ma do you remember,妈妈你可曾记得
the old straw hat you gave to me,你送给我那草帽
i lost that hat long ago,很久以前失落了
flew to the foggy canyon.它飘向浓雾的山坳
yeh ma ma i wonder 妈妈那顶草帽
what happened to that old straw hat,它在何方你可知道
falling down the mountain side 掉落在那山坳
out of my reach like your heart.就像你的心儿我再也得不到
suddenly that wind came up,忽然间狂风呼啸
stealing my hat from me yeh.夺去我的草帽耶哎
swirling whirling gust of wind,高高卷走了草帽啊
blowing it higher away.飘向那天外云霄
ma ma that old straw hat 妈妈只有那草帽
was the only one i really loved,是我珍爱的无价之宝
but we lost it.但我们已经失去
no one could bring it back,没有人再能找到
like the life you gave me.就像是你给我的生命
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