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Help MassRecycle ensure that the Legislature updates the State’s “Bottle Bill.” Updating this 1983 law will reduce litter, increase recycling and provide additional funding for your local recycling program.

What is MassRecycle's position on the Bottle Bill?
MassRecycle supports updating the existing Beverage Container Recovery Law of 1982 (the bottle bill) to capture bottled water, tea, juice, and sports drink containers. The consumption of these beverages has grown exponentially since the adoption of the original bill. An updated bottle bill complements municipal recycling programs by targeting containers that are consumed away from home and are frequently littered and thrown in the trash. As a result, an updated bottle bill increases overall beverage container recycling, supporting jobs within the recycling industry while reducing litter and the waste of valuable resources.

What is the Bottle Bill?
The Bottle Bill is the common name for Massachusetts General Law (MGL) c.94, s.321-327. The law imposes refundable deposits on beer and soda containers thus providing a financial incentive for the public to return them for recycling.

Why update the Bottle Bill?
The goal of the Bottle Bill is to target beverage containers that generate most of the litter. In 1983, when the law was created, those were beer and soda containers, and the bottle bill has been effective in reducing the number of these found in litter. Today, much of the litter comes from non-carbonated beverages (water, juice, sport drinks, etc.) that have become common over the last few years. We need to update the Bottle Bill to keep it effective. There are many others reasons to update this law
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