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( C is 84 years old, he is always the first person in the coffee shop drinking coffee. he is sick last week...)
C: Hello, Charlie!
Charlie: wow, happy to see you again! How is your feeling right now?
C: Much better! Thank you for asking!
Ch: I am just wondering what i can do for you...
C: Charlie, come here every morning, say hello, then blablabla, and goodbye when you leave, that's it! you are helping me!
(Several people come here one after another)
M: C, How are you this morning?
C: Better and better, thank you! M!
M: We are worring about you...
Char: My dad is 90 years old, and she is very healthy and very active..
M: Char, for God's sake, How long have you been here? "He" not "She"!
Char: Thank you, M! I am trying my best! Where is Tom?
M: He is in New York right now, will be back tonight. What's new?
P: Nothing much, how are you doing?
M: Can't be better!
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