Turn Around 1/19/2010 21:50
MA is truly the spirit of America!

Democracy has been saved.
The next item on the to-do list is to send Big Ben and Timmy Tax Cheat to the prison.

Yes we can!
xiaoqiang at 1/19/2010 21:55 快速引用
xiaozhi at 1/19/2010 22:03 快速引用
看把小强乐的 Laughing
开会 at 1/19/2010 22:04 快速引用
呵呵, 上周末在andover看见很多人大冷天在街上举Scott的牌子
tutu at 1/19/2010 22:16 快速引用
his daughter is so cute and smart.
he could be the next president, from tonight's feedback
emory at 1/19/2010 23:00 快速引用
yes we can.
peachleaf at 1/19/2010 23:54 快速引用
Andover is a wealthy town. It's not surprising they vote for Scott.
花溪 at 1/20/2010 08:58 快速引用
Most of south shore communities voted for Scott too. Dem will see troubles in next november's election.
浅酌低唱 at 1/20/2010 10:29 快速引用
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