The Mirror (1975, Tarkovsky) 3/25/2010 17:53

Can you pinpoint what music it is starting from the first cut-away from her - the chorus?

I feel it should be JS Bach's music. But what is it exactly?

(For this out-of-word film, please watch the Kino version DVD for sound- not the Russcian Cinema Council version. But the Kino already shows how beautiful the movie is!)

rose rose rose rose

It seems no one knows.

It is St. John's Passion by Bach.
wildcrane at 3/25/2010 21:31 快速引用
If you haven't seen the movie, please ignore the top two posts, and come here to watch it.

It is absolutely beautiful and poetic. I haven't watched this one, and am not sure yet about the color and sound. But you will still get how Tarkovsky defined cinema to be a poetic art and high art. 崇拜

Ok, I had a look. This is not the Kino version DVD. The sound is not good. After the credit, the sound should stop before we hear the train but here it doesn't stop.

i still suggest that you get the Kino copy to watch, and maybe compare with this one.

wildcrane at 3/25/2010 22:27 快速引用
还是借 Kino DVD 看的好, Youtube 这个版音乐和颜色都不好.

如果你对他关于音乐在电影中的作用有兴趣, 这里是his music guy's account (including Mirror and Stalker): Edouard Artemiev


这个电影我目前看了5-6遍了. 崇拜死我了. 这样真正的艺术家越来越少了. 难怪他紧紧抓着不放.

一千遍告诉自己不要太激动, 睡觉去吧.
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