Philadelphia有什么好玩的吗 6/12/2010 18:30
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It is a very unfriendly city. I don't like it.
xiaoqiang at 6/12/2010 21:55 快速引用
The word "Philadelphia" mean "a city of brotherly love".
There is a lot of history in the city, Indepedence Hall and the old town...

However, in the past 200 and some years, many things have changed. The white poeple are not the majority of the city any more. Blacks are more than 50% and there have been two black mayors and the Democratic Party controls. City officials almost alway speak for the blacks no matter who is right and who is wrong. There are too many lazy poeple in the city, who think every one else owe them some thing.

Black kids do not like school and they beat the Chinese new immigrant students just 6 months ago. The school district takes no action against the black bullies.

The river side is a big waste. It should have been developed into high-end shopping center, codos and visitor disctrict, like that of Charles River in Boston. However it is just an abandoned industrial area now.

What a waste!
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ilazxfe :

底特律不会那么多脏乱差的中国人在晃smile 不过我没去过底特律,只去过芝加哥,被黑人老大把车窗刷得很难看然后伸手要钱来着。。
vieplivee at 6/14/2010 22:11 快速引用
能建议几个当地的中餐馆吗? rose rose rose
苹果 at 6/15/2010 10:22 快速引用
vieplivee :
ilazxfe :

底特律不会那么多脏乱差的中国人在晃smile 不过我没去过底特律,只去过芝加哥,被黑人老大把车窗刷得很难看然后伸手要钱来着。。

chicago是偶去过的第一个有chinatown和中国馆子的城市. 虽然路破点, 看在有皮蛋瘦肉粥的份上, 偶忍了.

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