NYR 1/01/2011 20:27
my nys:

1. sleep more, exercise daily and stay away from junk food and carbs.
2. call my parents at least twice a week.
3. spend minimal time browsing internet, definitely not at work. I need to improve my productivity, and learn more about the business on a higher level.
4. make new friends.
5. read 20 interesting books at least.
6. finish my two web sites, and attract more traffic.
7. do not drag things for weeks, months. start and finish as soon as I have thought about it. My action has always been much slower than my ideas.
8. be nice to my family and friends and be polite to my coworkers, learn to control my emotions and temper.
9. travel to a different country or region.
10. grow along with my kids.
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