Shanghai Landing Visa Qualifying Conditions 7/19/2011 03:52
Ten Conditions To Apply For Visa On Arrival

Invited by local organizers' last-minute decisions to participate in trade fairs

Invited to participate in bidding or to sign business cooperation contracts

To supervise export shipment and import commodity inspection or to check on the completion of a contract

Invited to work on equipment installation or to make rush repairs

Invited by the local party to solve compensation-related problems

Invited to provide science and technology consultations

Foreign groups invited to the country are able to increase or change group members with the agreement from its Chinese host

To visit patients in critical condition or to conduct a funeral

Foreigners in transit who, because of forces outside their control (such as weather delays) are unable to leave China by their original aircraft within 24 hours or have to leave China by other means of transport

Invited foreign guests having no time to get visas from Chinese embassies with authority letters which allow them to apply for landing visa
"Invited to provide science and technology consultations "
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