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老外教你怎么使用中国的蹲厕 看来真是臭名远扬了(图)
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The "western" toilet is making inroads into China and in big cities and airports, youll find a few of them in the row of toilets in the bathroom. However, there are still lots and lots and lots of squatty potties and likely as not, youll venture into one. Its not as hard as it seems, but its good to know what youre getting into before you go...


1. Pack Tissues. Before you even leave the hotel, make sure youve got portable toilet paper with you. Lots of public restrooms dont provide it. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer are also good to have along as if theres a sink, there may not be any soap, and probably no towels either.

1. 装好卫生纸


2. Plan Your Business 1. "Preventive Peeing" or going before you go is a good way to avoid getting caught in a place that wont have a nice toilet. (Nice doesnt necessarily mean Western by the way.) Pretend youre all five years old and make sure everyone goes before you leave the house.

2. 计划你的旅游A


3. Plan Your Business 2. If youre going to be out and about, think about where youll be and try to plan some pit-stops in between. Especially in big cities, international hotels, upscale restaurants and shopping malls will have clean washrooms with most of the amenities (toilet paper, Western toilets, soap and towels).Places to avoid using the bathroom: large markets (especially outdoor markets), street-side public bathrooms (though theyre improving), tourist spots.

3. 计划你的旅游B


4. Bag Hand-Off.

If you can, hand any unnecessary bags to a friend while you use the washroom. There are generally no hooks and youll need your hands to balance, to dig around your purse for tissues and to hold on to the door if the lock is broken.

4. 别带你的包


5. Queuing Up. If you find yourself outside the comfort of your hotel, dont panic. It wont be unbearable. Queues in China dont work the same way as they do in the States. Women generally line up in front of a particular stall rather than hang back as one opens. This can create a free-for-all so its best to stick to one door and keep your eye on it. If it happens not to be a Western toilet, better to get in there than re-queue. Many times, doors have pictures or signs indicating Western or squat-style toilets. Also, check the lock, if its red, then its occupied. Green means free but always knock.

5. 排队这件事儿


6. Pants Check. I dont want to scare you but some washrooms are rather wet - either from splash effect or the toilet maid (usually there is someone assigned to sit in the washroom and clean it) running amok with her mop. Either way, its not moisture you want on your new linen trousers. If its wet, roll them up, especially if youre in line for a squat toilet. If you see other Chinese ladies rolling, then be sure to. They know something you dont.

6. 检查好你的裤子


7. The Squat. OK, well, youve found yourself in a squatty potty. Its really not that bad and many argue its actually healthier to go this way than sitting down. Whatever, if youre not used to it, squatting can be really difficult. Face forward and try to let your pants down while ensuring that the ends are up (hopefully youve rolled) and not touching the floor. There are grooved places for your feet on either side of the toilet. Try to get somewhere in the middle, feet flat on the floor (you dont want to fall in, believe me) and aim for the potty.

7. 蹲下


8. Paper Discard - Not in the Pot! Chinese plumbing in public restrooms generally doesnt handle paper. If you can remember, please put anything other than #1 or #2 in the basket. Try as hard as you can NOT to look at the basket, its usually open and teeming with things on which youd rather not lay eyes.

8. 扔掉卫生纸


9. Finish Up. Out you go, you accomplished squat toilet user. Unroll your pants, wash your hands, if you can, and find your friends waiting for you outside.

9. 结束



Its really not that bad once you get the hang of it and isnt it better than hovering over a public toilet seat?

Chinas reputation for horrible public bathrooms used to be well-deserved, but these days, the government is doing a lot to improve the state of the facilities. Youll often find public toilets rated with stars. Theres a lovely 4-star public toilet on the Sacred Way outside of Beijing, for example.

Have a few coins (1-2rmb) with you for use in public restrooms. Theres usually a charge and toilet paper will be given with the fee.

Try not to freak out about the squat toilets. Likely as not, you wont have to use one and if you do, its all part of the experience.

What You Need

Toilet Paper (e.g. pocket tissues)

Anti-bacterial wipes or gel

Handkerchief for drying hands when towel isnt available

An open mind and a sense of humor















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