AC交流电文稿 7/12/2013 12:42
mordern science is but a phenomenon and its underlining reason merely a few hundred years old。

modern politics is a vocabulary with a tune of powerful poly and ever changing ticks,giving out a sense of order and hope;

世间事总是趋于完善完美的,we seek wholeness and perfection in everything,所以政治喊着高于一切的口号堂吉诃德般地与politics战风车;
so is science promoted as unreseaonably advanced to call a duet with科学。

希望这种一党双盲与double-blinded bipartisan的AC交流有益于对方benefit the opponent,就好比俺念本科时在课堂上一面听生物化学一面读世界经济(政治)导报而谦受益一样。可能的话,俺现在还思想着siphon一个liberty art 并科学学位,dual奢侈啊!
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