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rose June 2nd, 2005

So I went to the studio after the swimming. It also has been a month from the last time I was there. The studio was situated right behind the Boston Symphony. It was the street behind Huntington, so very busy and noisy. There is a small garden in the backyard, and is surrounded by a wooden fence. Every time, I open the wood fenced door and walk into the garden, it feels like another world. 这扇柴扉有如此神奇的功效,每次推门进去,便像走进了一座世外桃源,隔开了世外的嘈杂和喧嚣。身心立刻放松了。The backyard is no more than 200 square feet. But there is a little pond with golden fishes swimming and spawning all year round. Peonies are in blossom. An apricot tree has already been full of apricots. There are apple trees, peach trees, roses, tulips, and grape vineyard climbing along the fence. Japanese stone lanterns stand here and there. 修竹环绕着小池塘,半截竹筒不停地向池子里注着水,水流很细,只是为了听水声。夜深人静的时候我喜欢在这庭院水声中独处一会儿。

Jane, a Korean American girl at the studio, told me when she saw me making my appearance after so long a time:
“Elena, something big happened in the studio while you were gone.” Elena is my name for people to call.
“What happened?” I asked and was wondering what it could be.
“Aether and Violetta are having baby.”
“Wow, really?” I looked into the bird cage, and Violetta is sitting at the corner.
“She is sitting on two eggs. There are two eggs under.” Jane told me with eager.
Aether and Violetta are two doves. You may wonder that it is late spring and nothing is strange about their giving birth of babies during this sensational season, not if you know that Aether is already 18 years old. I guess as a dove, it is probably equivalent to be over 80 if it were human. Violetta is only 6 and came from wild. “So she made Aether to play.” Simpson another woman doing watercolor there told me.

Actually Aether was born and grew up in the studio in his first 12 years. This is the story I was told by Kate, the administrator at the studio and a member there for over 23 years. Aether did not know that he is a bird. Because he had been with humans all the time, he thought he was human. So when Violetta was brought in to accompany him, he didn’t know what she was and was very uncomfortable. He showed irritation and nervousness, just like a person who lives too long by him/herself and is no longer used to having a companion. So they could not get along for a long time. But then one winter the few members living near the studio were gone, and the two birds were left alone except each other’s accompany. He then learned to be cooperative.

Till age 12, Aether did not know what sex is. Coming from the wild and young, Violetta was full of energy and desire. At the beginning, she flirted with him elegantly and gracefully. But Aether showed no response
让你说得好生羡慕,有没有可能复制一份搬到我家里呀? smile
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你想复制什么呢?Garden, doves, pond?
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都想要呀. smile 就是那种让你产生神奇感觉的一切."这扇柴扉有如此神奇的功效,每次推门进去,便像走进了一座世外桃源,隔开了世外的嘈杂和喧嚣。身心立刻放松了。"

这可以是我的下一个项目.你去的是哪里呀?什么时候带我去观摩一下,真的考察一下现实可能性.我想要有那样一个花园,周围环绕着一条小河,小河可以跳下去嬉水的,冬天可以变成滑冰的冰道.河里本来想养鱼的,现在已经发现了养鱼的辛苦,改变主意只要清水了. smile
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