wonderful life 9/22/2005 21:02
Met boss and colleagues today. Happy. They seem nice and casual. T shirt and jeans OK for work. tongue

Give me one week off as relocation reimbursement. tongue haha, enough time to settle down and finish my project.

They are ordering a laptop for me. En, I guess no need to buy one myself then.

Thinking hard about the decision between two gorgeous rooms. Both newly constructed. Everything brand new, spacious, private bath. One is 2b2b with an MBA girl. One is master room in a house. Walk in closet, luxious large bath. Kitchen and living room on the 1st floor. 3 more roomate, 2 r new phd male student, students of owner who is a professor in our school. swimming pool next to the house. back yard. 20 min walk. Laughing housing is great here.
keep up this wonderful life ---- would be your wonderland? Wink
sunnyride at 9/22/2005 22:56 快速引用
tongue tongue tongue
Hubert at 9/22/2005 23:18 快速引用
幸福的人啦 牛 牛
tutu at 9/23/2005 00:04 快速引用
WoJian at 9/23/2005 00:32 快速引用
WoJian :

BOM at 9/23/2005 08:20 快速引用
Boston GG 都搬过来养眼就更好了 wink

呵呵,我争取快点找个钱袋,就可以买房了 Sad

虚荣呀,其实住APT要方便省心些。可是那么漂亮的house, makes me feel like a queen! 也许又可以像小时候那样在院子里摆弄花花草草 oops
windysnow at 9/23/2005 12:15 快速引用
rogerlee at 9/23/2005 15:22 快速引用
sorry I didn't realize time flies/
I owe you one.
Good luck with your project!
coco at 9/25/2005 00:30 快速引用
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