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The Catcher in the Rye 5/03/2005 10:58
Have you ever been confused with yourself? I've never..or for several minutes once in a while and then this kind of thought went out of mind easily afterwards. Why would you be confused with yourself and your life? Eat if you feel like eating, skip it otherwise; Fall in love with him if you really like that dumb guy who looks like Charlie Brown, say byebye otherwise.

Well, life isn't always that simple and all. If you failed 4 out of 5 courses and will be kicked out of the high-school the 4th time, and you have to tell your parents this bad news at Xmas, and worst of all, you don't give a damn shit to all of these goddamn stuff b/c you are confused with yourself, will you just do whatever you feel like doing?

I just started reading "the Catcher in the Rye"(English version). The last time I read its Chinese version is several years ago and I was in college. I couldn't understand why this guy was so confused about everything and this novel didn't make sense to me at all, only because we were so young and ambitious back then. We even didn't have time to be confused. I like that and I don't want to get confused.

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Laugh your butt off 4/21/2005 13:11
I just came across this online AD when browsing apartment information. You'd better be prepared to laugh your butt off!

Nice room and apartment. But those are the boring details. Here is the real deal: You need to be hot, young, enjoy walking around naked and have gorgeous friends that you make out with. We are sick of living with pigs and want some action from our female roommate, is that too much to ask? We like to have fun and party, so you must also. We are 2 good looking and fit guys so you don't have to worry about living with some gross dudes either.

They live in Allston and also mentioned "it will be a plus if you like cooking and cleaning up the house". What the fxxx!

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