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Getting credit for going green (zt) 1/25/2008 18:33
Getting credit for going green
By Trystan L. Bass Posted Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:10pm PST

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Who says loving the planet isn't worth it? Being environmentally minded could save you a couple hundred or a few thousand dollars at tax time.

If you've made energy-saving improvements to your life in the past year, you may get some tax credits on your federal and state income taxes. Follow the links in this article to see what you qualify for.

The tax break that gets a lot of attention is for hybrid cars. It's true, when you buy a fuel-efficient hybrid, the federal government gives you a credit off your income tax.

The specific amount depends on the hybrid you bought. If you got a Ford Escape SUV, you could get up to $3,000. A Honda Civic garners $2,100. And a Mercury Mariner SUV earns you up to $3,000. Check the IRS chart to find your vehicle.

And note that popularity has its price. Toyota and Lexus have sold so many hybrids that their cars are no longer eligible for tax breaks. If you bought a Toyota or Lexus hybrid after October 1, 2007, you won't get a credit. But you're still saving money on gas, and you're polluting less.

Some states also give you a tax break for buying a hybrid car. The Department of Energy has a database of state incentives and laws related to alternative-fuel vehicles. While many of the incentives are geared towards businesses, you'll find some useful stuff for personal taxes too.

For example, Oregon gives a tax credit of up to $1,500 when a resident buys a hybrid car such as a Prius or Ford Escape. Colorado offers a credit of up to $3,013 for buying a hybrid, depending on the model. In Illinois, hybrid vehicle buyers can get a $1,000 rebate from the state.

One to plan ahead for -- starting January 1, 2009, in Washington, you can buy a hybrid car with no state sales and use tax.

Home energy
If you're deep green and have gone beyond hybrid to alternative fuels, you'll get a few more tax benefits. Many states offer credits for converting a vehicle to using biofuels, and biofuels themselves are often untaxed.

Kansas gives a tax credit of up to 40% of conversion cost if you switch to biofuels. Montana's credit is 50% of the conversion cost. Utah also gives a 50% credit for the conversion cost to clean-burning fuels.

In Oregon, if your car uses biofuels, you get an income tax credit of $0.50 per gallon up to $200 per vehicle. If you make and use your own biofuels in Oklahoma, you're not subject to state motor fuel excise tax.

The other big area you can save green by going green is home energy. Making your house more efficient saves money on your utility bills in the long run, and you can get a tax cut too.

If you upgraded your home's insulation, windows, doors, metal roof, water heater, or heating or cooling system in 2007, you may get a credit of up to $500 off your taxes. The new items have to meet energy-efficiency codes -- this Energy Star chart shows what qualifies.

Did you go solar recently? That'll net you a bigger break. Solar panels and solar water heaters earn you a credit of up to $2,000 off your taxes from the feds. And that's not all.

Many states offer an array of tax deductions for adding solar energy to your home. The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy lists tons of credits, rebates, grants, and more ways to cut the cost of green power.

In some states, such as Texas, and counties, like parts of Virginia, solar energy systems are exempt from your home's property tax value, which can be a real savings.

Quite a few states give a credit back for the sales tax paid on solar panels or the equipment is totally exempt from tax. Appropriately enough, the sunshine state of Florida hasn't charged sales tax on solar energy systems since 1997. More recently, Vermont, Minnesota, Washington, and New York jumped on the no-solar-sales-tax wagon.

Other benefits abound. If you take out a qualified loan to buy those solar panels, California lets you deduct the loan's interest on your state taxes.

In New York, South Carolina, and Arizona, you can get a tax credit equal to 25% of the costs of your solar energy system.

If you live in Louisiana, look for a new tax credit for installing solar panels after January 1, 2008.

Solar isn't the only home-improvement that can get you a state tax cut. Oregon has a host of credits for buying energy-efficient appliances like clothes washers and making upgrades to your central air conditioning. Idaho encourages owners of older homes to add new insulation by giving a tax deduction of 100% of the cost.

Lastly, don't forget about those charitable contributions. Giving green gets you another tax credit. Donations to qualified non-profit groups, such as those dedicated to educational or scientific purposes or the prevention of cruelty to animals, are tax deductible.

Planning ahead for 2008's taxes? Unfortunately, many of this year's federal credits relating to energy savings expire after the 2007 tax season. Several bills are in Congress to extend these credits, which were only available for a measly two years. If you want to encourage more energy savings, contact your representatives and tell them to support these tax incentives.

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TNND 1/25/2008 14:49
笑死我了. 狂笑 狂笑


本来在价格非常低的那天买进. 准备放在那儿不管了, 等rebound时收成90-100%的回报率的.

结果由于偶的手太绿, 还不懂买卖规则. 偶想, 如果每股下降到偶买时的价钱或以下, 就都卖掉.

结果, 人家的意思是, 如果比我买进时的价格以上, 就可以卖掉.

所以意外地发现, 已经被卖掉了.

还好, 运气不算差, 开盘时价格高一些. 在跌下之前, 已经被卖掉了. 得到16%的回报率.

一天都在责怪那些见点小利益就出售的人, 导致股价下跌, 没想到, 偶在今天刚开盘时就卖了.
oops 狂笑 狂笑 狂笑

气死偶了, 什么事儿嘛.

看来这个不懂就玩, 是很危险的哈.

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悲观主义者和乐观主义者的区别 1/25/2008 02:05
一朝被蛇咬, 十年怕井绳

从哪里跌倒, 就从那里再跌到



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芝加哥有什么好玩儿的? 1/25/2008 00:56
去过俩次, 但每次时间不长.

下周要去一周, 还没来得及查都有什么必看的, 当然Art Institute肯定要去.

请知情人推荐: 博物馆, 美术馆, 建筑, 音乐, 购物, 越local 的越好.

下周很冷, 请推荐室内活动.


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如何在圣经指导下经财与凤凰涅 1/25/2008 00:29
刚在电视上看的, how to make money God's way?

Crown Financial Ministries, 主办人声称在圣经里找到俩千以上关于理财的训诫.


看了一下对付不起房屋贷款人的建议, 还挺有点道理的.

一下子掉进他们免费策性格的测试, http://www.crown.org/Tools/personality.aspx
下面是我得出来的. 想看看你们都得出什么来.

your profile type is Motivator

General Description
As a Motivator, you excel in blending your high energy and enthusiasm with the desire to achieve goals and results. Your superior communication skills enable you to effectively motivate others and mobilize them to action.

Typical Areas of Strength
Motivators, like you, are passionate, highly interactive people who love to achieve, influence, and relate with others, especially large groups. You thrive on variety, changes, new challenges, and opportunities to convince others of your viewpoints. You point to the future with great optimism.

Typical Areas of Struggle
You sometimes may push your strengths to the extremes; and you may exhibit weaknesses, such as exaggeration, hyperbole, becoming too emotional, or overlooking key details. You may then begin to be controlling, impatient, or impulsive.

Your Preferred Activities
Because you demonstrate a desire to achieve and be recognized, you function best when you have frequent people interaction and have opportunities to set ambitious goals.

Your Communication Style
You communicate through your superior verbal abilities and combine your zeal and passion to motivate others to action. You sometimes need to wait for other family members to catch-up to your ambitious goals.

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小治在线吗? 1/17/2008 14:36

读者评论: 发表评论
小茴香炒羊肉片儿 1/14/2008 17:45

刚刚想做一个孜然羊肉, 没有尖椒, 又想放点青菜. 看看冰箱, 有一把小茴香.
想一想, 羊肉炒芹菜木耳(要用花椒炒) 很好吃. 那这个小茴香应该也行.
于是试了试, 加了一点花椒和一点孜然和一点辣酱, 结果挺好吃.

不知道为什么餐馆从来没见过这道菜? 是因为爱吃肉的人在吃肉的时候不需要加菜的缘故吗?

读者评论: 发表评论
自我表扬一下, 再表扬一下 1/11/2008 21:47
从去年8月腿疼以来, 今天第一次从事体育运动 - 去打羽毛球乐.
因为什么运动都没做过, 包括以前长期坚持的游泳, 今天虽然一摔胳膊就不得劲儿. 但自始至终腿没疼, 反倒是几个男同学把屁股打疼乐. 看来新年以来戒咖啡喝牛奶还真有效. 正在得意中. 自我表扬一下, 并自赠小红花一朵儿 rose rose rose rose rose rose

当然, 新年新打算中没有做到有节制地上网, 反而变本加厉的上网. 这是不对地. 从下周起严格改正.

进而发现想辞掉一半工作其实是想休闲. 如果真辞了上网罗唆网主又不发工资的话, 恐怕还是应该坚持全日制工作 - 下星期把这个事做个决定.


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2007岁末之行 1/09/2008 12:00


中午过后收到电话, "十来天待在家里是不是有点可惜啊?"
"你过来吧? 咱们开佛罗列达吧"

匆匆做完工作赶回家, 粗略打了箱去赶公共车. 到达扭腰.

买了一个路上用的小摄像机. 接了小孩子们.
开到DC 5pm, 原本打算有半天时间, 我可以去看JMW. Turner's Exhibition at National Gallery, and they could go to the Air and Space Museum.
博物馆已经关了门, 就在外看夜景照相摄像.

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哈哈奔一张 1/09/2008 00:26

哈哈, 有人竟敢如此玩弄偶的感情.

先问偶们她外甥女可爱不. 当偶们认出外甥女就是她时, 给偶发了好几个邮件让偶把她外甥女删掉, 说她姐姐会杀了她, 偶就一一删了, 本来已经困不堪言, 还是去辛辛苦苦删了.

等偶刚刚删完, 她她她....她..... 她, 竟然告诉俺, 她骗偶, 这是她的六岁照.

哼, 没想到吧? 偶删了也有办法找回来.


偶睡觉取乐, 给偶发邮件也没用.



happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy 今年总算见到了.

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新年新打算 (又加了俩条) 1/08/2008 11:38
相信这种祝福是一种positive energy.



今天希拉里赢了New Hampshire, and McCan for Republic won.
我肯定选民主党: on their committments to end the war, evnironmental protection, universal health care and funding on research.
民主党内, Barack and Hillary are all good. 女人和黑人竞选总统还是挺激动的一件事, 同时好象也说明进步中挺落后的.

今晚听了McCain, John Ed, Romney, Barack, and Hillary对选民的讲演. Barack is a good speaker and has his chrisma. Hillary 今天很开心, 第一次让人觉得她其实是个满有魅力的女人,尤其是她开心咧嘴笑的时候, 偶本来就知道她有, 就因为跟了一个不宠她的老公, 还给人家戴那么一大顶世人皆知的绿帽子, 才使得她女人的魅力没表现出来. 做她这样的女人不容易啊


今年要开始画一些小屯人物. 先从苹果MM和她的钢琴开始.


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一个离奇的梦 (艺术, 梦和死亡) 1/06/2008 23:47

by Natasha Bowdoin

虽然常常做梦, 也做奇异的梦. 但没有一个比星期五晚上的梦更复杂, 更离奇的了.

在梦里的梦里的梦里, 我梦见一个男高音的歌唱, 声音凄婉动人, 歌词听得清清楚楚, 是英文(只有一个词醒来记得-是一个降调的feeling), 他在表达对一个人的爱, 和分开后的伤心, 调子是我从来没有在现实中听到过的. 在梦里的梦里的梦里, 我心想我的音乐感受力不好, 所以很少梦见过音乐, 少许的几次梦见的都是平日里知道的曲子. 看来现在有进步终于梦到了全新的听起来如此真切的歌曲.

我从梦里的梦里的梦里醒来, 发现天蒙蒙亮, 周围是小摊卖菜的人和装着菜的手推车是(在中国), 我睡在人家一辆空下来的手推车里. 原来自己是梦游, 竟然独自出门睡在小贩的手推车里了. 市场中心的喇叭正放着那首歌, 心想看来并不是自己有能力梦到音乐, 只在梦里听见的. 睡意朦胧地爬起来往家走, 碰到三个朋友(一个是屯里的,另外俩个不清楚), 告诉我市政府要把古市场拆了(西方式有立柱式的), 让我表达一下抗议的声音. 我答应了, 继续往家走.

走到家门口, 我推开门应该是客厅, 却是卧式. 我的爱人正在床上沉睡. 我向床走去, 却一阵旋晕, 旋转跌撞着到了床边, 没能到床上就仰面躺倒了, 我以为自己是太困了, 可是躺到应该是地面的时候, 并没有停止却继续往下跌, 而且速度之快地一层一层往下跌, 一层比一层窄一层比一层黑. 我突然明白自己是在死去, 惊恐地喊叫我的爱人, 但象我从前养的小猫一样在临死前喊我却发不出一点声音, 完全是因为我有感应睁开眼睛, 看见她正在无声却绝望地叫我, 她看见我看见了她就走了, 光洁的毛发立刻在手下变得涩涩的. 可我那没心没肺的爱人没有感应到我的最后的呼唤, 我继续飞速地往下跌, 心想我就这样突然死了, 没有来得及说再见, 我和我的爱人不欢入睡没有温柔和解, 他醒来再也见不到我会多难过啊, 可是我掉下的速度太快, 越来越深, 越来越黑, 空间越来越小, 我只来得及说了一声英文的"I love you", 希望他在梦里能感应到, 醒来不要太难过.

我就这样飞速地往下掉飞速地死去. 以上的意识是飞速完成的, 不象打印出来也不象你要花点时间读. 就在我掉到死亡的深渊里的时候, 醒了. 发现还是一个梦. 谢天谢地, 我没有死.

不知道为何能做出这样的梦来. 可能与当天晚上去看的画展有关. 画展中感觉最牛的是俩个人 (Alexander Demaria, and Natasha Bowdoin: Myths & Fables) 的多重剪纸, 装贴在墙上形成多层次的光和影. 印象最深的是Revealing the monster (但是是在查这副作品时才意识到这个标题, 真有点无巧不成书), 见此页 http://alexanderdemaria.com/splash.html今天再看网站时, 发现此展的名字还果然是Myths & Fables.

1. 我在临死前, 如此惶恐却想着的是他. 说明我真是个好人啊 感动 oops
2. 想想人真的会死去, 平常的小事真不应该计较, 要好好珍惜.
3. 我原来以为我死了是会往上升的, 梦里死亡却分明是往下掉. 我感觉我梦到的可能真是死亡时的感受. 我不知道的是, 会不会先是往下, 等到灵魂真正离开了肉体时, 灵魂又会超越上升. 信上帝就不会往下掉吗? 可我在那么短暂的黄泉路上, 先意识到自己是在死去, 先是惶恐, 但马上想到的是自己的爱人醒来多难过, 又很快接受了, 留下一句"I love you", 这样的灵魂不升天, 难道是想着自己抛不下尘世, 但只要信仰上帝就会往上升吗?

我因为没有真正死去, 不知道结论. 我愿意相信, 是先向下跌, 然后再向上飞去 - 看来向哪去这个问题对我还不是不重要. 但逻辑上讲在不知道的情况下是不是应该楞信其有 - 至少这样的态度会更谦悲一些?

早晨醒来, 我问他 (没有讲我的梦前), 如果你突然很快死去来不及跟我告别, 你会想什么? 他说: "我会想, xx (我的名字), 多保重". 我就流了眼泪. 这个没心没肺的眼圈也红了. 我于是告诉了他我的梦, 他就又震震有词了"看吧, 你自己在教育自己, 以后别在因为小事跟我闹了吧? 你想想死, 是不是应该好好珍惜?"

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