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到家了!一切都好!!!Miss you all!!! 9/27/2006 08:46
Finally back home on 9/20 night, China time. The flight was not bad.

I was trying to get access to Shenghuonet several times, but failed. Guess it's due to the update of the server.

Didn't really have a chance to take a break. Work almost right after the date I went back. Firm change a lot in the past few years. Only one thing still the same, BUSY!! I can't avoid working overtime almost every day cry But I will have 7 days holiday break, hoho happy

A lot of things to readjust in the following months. However, it's so sweet to have family and friends around.

I hope all my friends around in Boston have the best luck in your life. Live a easy life there!!!!

Keep in touch

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如果 爱 3/08/2006 16:32

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Hello 2006!!! 1/29/2006 13:31
It's a new world, it's a new start! Bryan Adam's song is still in my mind!

I can't imagine how wonderful party last night it was! Thank God, I knew shenghuonet last year and it brings me tons of fun and a bunch of great friends!

Happy New Year to me and all my friends!!!!

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First Snow! 10/29/2005 16:10
Wow, it's snowing so hard out! Hope witches and cats are still in the good mood waiting for us tomorrow! rose rose

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Fa Lun Gong??? 9/11/2005 12:41
I keep seeing the gathing of Fa Lun Gong in downtown area almost every city I visited in the States. Is it annoying? Am I overreacted? I'm confused. Is that good for Americans to know China in such a bad manner?

I was walking around with some American friends yesterday and happened to note Fa Lun gathing in Boston Common. The Americans dropped by and felt so astonished by those bloody pictures. I felt so mad.... frustrated

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Feelings...... 12/29/2004 11:29
happy Peole here is so nice and I get helps from them from time to time! I love here, although it's a terrific cold here. I hope my life here is cheerful and fruitful!

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